Crashes: The Achilles Heal of My Road Racing- Jake’s Blog 

I dedicate nearly all of my race Season to Enduro and XC Racing. So when I have an opportunity to compete in a road race, I need to capitalize and get the best result possible!  Out of the 13 USA Cycling sanctioned road races I have competed in during the past 2 years, I have been involved in 5 crashes. 3 of which occurred in the last 7 days!

img_9745The first crash I was caught in was the 2015 Bariani Road Race.  The crash occurred after racing 56 miles, 300ft before the finish, as a racer in the front of the peloton was blown sideways by a gust of wind, causing a domino effect crash. I instinctively swerved off into a paved ditch to avoid the multi-racer pileup, crashing there.


img_8161In 2016 during the last lap of the Folsom Criterium, the rider in 5th or 6th position crashed 2 bike lengths in front of me. Causing me to slam on the brakes to slowly ride around the crashed riders. This set me so far back that I had no shot at the win.





img_6477In 2017 during the Cantua Creek Road Race, the racer in 4th, who was directly in front of me crossed wheels and went down causing me to go over my handlebars. I untangled my bike and had to chase back to the lead group blowing all of my energy.  I just caught them before the finishing climb where I was dropped.



img_6741 5 days later during the Thunderhill Circuit race, on a tight, wet, corner on the last lap, a racer’s front wheel slid out causing a major crash.  I again had to slam on the brakes to avoid crashing, setting me far behind the lead group.




img_70622 days later during the Steve Harrison Criterium 2 1/2 laps in someone slammed into my rear wheel going into a corner nearly causing me to crash. The rider broke my rear wheel spoke and damaged my derailleur to the point where I couldn’t shift, and I was stuck in a small gear. I ended up riding to the pit zone and was forced to use a neutral bike throughout the rest of the race.


img_7056I’ve learned that if I get involved in a crash it is nearly impossible for me to get a points result, which I am seeking in order to upgrade from Category 3.  Since I have been caught in so many crashes, I know that in order to avoid being crashed out, I need to stay in safe positions in the peloton and always be ready to react and avoid any potential crashes!


KHS Team Flite Reviewed- Nye’s Blog

IMG_7945We’re honored to have KHS Bicycles as the 2016 bike sponsor of the Yackle Brothers Racing Team.  They will be supporting us with 3 great bikes: The Team Flite Road bike, Six-Fifty 800 XC bike and Six-Fifty 7500 Enduro bike.   It’s Tour quality and is ridden by the KHS/Maxis Men’s and Women’s Professional Team. 12733469_1506826206291220_1133273211182950112_nThis blog would be too long if I was to write about all three bikes so I’ll be focusing on the Team Flite Road Bike for now.  I have been riding and racing the Team Flite Road Bike since mid December and there are so many things to love about it.



IMG_8161The KHS Team Flite Road Bike is very well made. It’s super lightweight.  Lifting up just the frame feels like picking up a couple pages of a newspaper!  The frame is very stiff and ridged so I can put out all of my power and none of it goes to waste.   The bike is super aerodynamic and cuts through the wind great.  The Team Flite’s geometry is so dialed it allows me to use my wealth of technical skills I’ve honed on MTB bikes on technical road descents and for avoidance of Road hazards.   I have full confidence in the KHS Team Flite, so racing at high speeds tightly packed in the Peloton is made comfortable.  IMG_8078.JPGSo you can feel comfortable building up the KHS Team Flite Road Bike with the highest level components and it will be right in place.  We are using Shimano brakesets, derailleurs, cranksets and cassettes and Full Speed Ahead K-Force Light Carbon handlebars, stems, water bottle cages and seatposts. We are riding on Vision’s awesome Metron 40 and 55 Wheelsets and Ergon’s SR3-S saddles will be keeping our buns comfortable during our long rides. Xpedo Thrust 8 pedals put our power to the ground.  There you have it, one sexy Bike!

IMG_7921Taking it out for a serious training ride, the Artist’s Drive in Death Valley, was a great chance to see how well the bike performed.   The climb was steep and the descent was fast with a lot of turns.  Going up the climb the bike was fantastic, every bit of energy I put out went straight to the rubber and the bike is so light that I could climb even faster.  Descending I had full confidence in my bike.  The frame didn’t flex a bit when I made the quick, sharp turns and the aerodynamic design of the bike allowed me to go even faster.


We really appreciate the attention to detail KHS Bicycles puts into the Team Flite, just as they do with all their bikes.   The Team Flite Road Bike looks hot and is a lot of fun to ride.  I haven’t ridden a better bike.  If you’re looking to buy a bike you should definitely check out KHS Bicycles.Version 2