Sea Otter Classic, Where Friends Are Made – Jake’s Blog

IMG_0422The Sea Otter Classic is one of my favorite events in the country!  We have attended the Sea Otter Classic for 5 years in a row.  Each year we attend Sea Otter we get to meet racing legends and cool people!  Starting at our first year at Sea Otter we’ve continuously met some of the most well-known athletes in the world.  We’ve met Pro Racers like Todd Wells, Geoff Kabush, Kathryn Pendrel and Emily Batty.  IMG_1510Last year we even met the World Champ Nino Schuter after he had just won the Sea Otter Classic Pro XC Race!  SO COOL!  That year we also met Shimano Sponsored Pro Motocross Racer Justin Barsha while he was hanging out at the Shimano Booth!IMG_1474         This year while we were waiting in line to finish our last Enduro we were amazed to see Danny Macaskill doing a backwards nose-wheelie down the famous Corckscrew!  Later, we were even able to get his autograph and a pic with him!  Sea Otter is awesome!IMG_0669  I also love attending Sea Otter because we get to say “Hi” and hang out with our racing friends, and friends from the bike industry!   This year we even shared a campsite with a racing friend, Troy Dibert.  Camping with Troy was really fun and enjoyable, as we told jokes, shared stories and just had a good time.  The Sea Otter Classic has become more than just a races event, to me it is a place to say “Hello” to all of your old friends and to make new friends, which in my mind in just as priceless as winning the Sea Otter Classic.


Sea Otter Classic Recap – Nye’s Blog

My favorite part of The Sea Otter Classic is the Expo.  There are so many cool things to see and lots of awesome people to meet.   On Friday at the Magura Booth we got a picture with Trials Riding Legend Danny McCaskill.  IMG_0669  It was super exciting getting to meet him, I could barely contain it!   Throughout the four days the Expo was open we reacquainted with our sponsors, checked out their new products and ran into buckets of friends.  IMG_0391 Joe at Shimano showed us their DI2 XTR electric shifters and derailleurs.   We saw Ergon’s new Gel filled Saddle and at FSA Mike showed us their new Gravity Dropper Post, and much, much more. IMG_0393 During the weekend a few booths had their Pro Trails Riders performing at different times during the day.   There were three big pump tracks in the Expo but with all of my Team responsibilities I didn’t have the time to ride them.  Chain Reaction Cycles had a contest where you pumped around a pump track as fast as you could.  The fastest time won a prize.    In my XC race, I placed 3rd and was able to stand on the huge Sea Otter stage in the middle of the Expo. IMG_0531 I finished 25th out of 67 in the U19 Enduro and was the best 14 yr old which made me super happy!   It was super fun creating our own Yackle Brothers Racing Expo by the Red Bull Racer Registration with our sponsors Banners, Flags and Ez-ups.IMG_0282  With 75,000 attendees passing by our Sponsors and Team got a lot of recognition.  The Expo is a big part of what makes the Sea Otter Classic a great event.  I had a great time in the Expo!  You should come out to the Sea Otter Classic and definitely check out the Expo.IMG_0402

Independence Day! -Nye’s Blog

HGEO6073A couple months ago I had my 13th birthday but what really made me proud was to be able to, by myself, build out my bike and make important adjustments and calibrations by myself.   Just a couple years ago when we built up our race bikes I could only do minor tasks like attaching the seatpost, water bottle cages and seat.  When the brake and caliper needed to be set up so the rotor wouldn’t rub the brake pads, my brother or father would have to come help me.  Now I can do tasks independently, like threading in my Shimano bottom bracket and adjusting the shifter cable so it shifts smoothly.   Being able to build my bike and do other things independently means so much to me.









Doing tasks independently is great.  I feel so much more mature when I do things without needing help.   It makes me feel very proud accomplishing some very important jobs.  I built up my entire bike this year alone.  When I do things like that I hold my head high for the future.  I also feel very trusted when my father and brother let me do important jobs and work on their bikes independently.    Independently doing things is very important for me and I like being fully trusted to work on my family’s bikes and other things.

IMG_8844Achieving things independently is important.   When I do things unsupervised correctly my family and friends can count on me.  They can rely on me to do important jobs and other things in case of an emergency.  Another great reason to be able to do things independently is my family and I can accomplished a lot more.  Before, when I needed help with something, it meant two people were doing the same thing.  I’m happy because I can independently:  build and maintain my bike, cook, organize food menus and gear for races.IMG_7934

Being able to do things independently makes me proud and I feel more mature.  Without a doubt building a bike out from components and a frame was by far the most difficult task I’ve ever accomplished.  I want more responsibility in life so it’s important to be able to do that!  I’m learning that, if I set my mind to accomplish tasks independently the future will be great.


The Game Changers!-Jake’s Blog

IMG_6714Throughout my entire life I have met many different, unique, and helpful people.  Nearly all of the people who I’ve met have been very friendly and cool, but there are few that have truly, enthusiastically supported me and Yackle Brothers Racing.  One person I’ve known for a good chunk of my racing career is Wen Heish, the CEO of KHS Bicycles.  Wen is a great man and a perfect example of the enthusiastic supporter that I am referring to.

I was extremely stoked when our team director informed me that KHS and Wen were going to be our official bike sponsor for 2016!IMG_8078  Similar to our other fine supporters, Wen provided us with the normal bike products we needed to race. However, Wen has gone beyond the typical and has enthusiastically helped us become the best race team possible.  For example the initial Enduro bike frame we received didn’t allow for our cutting edge, mechanical, 9point8 internally routed dropper post.  So, we explained the problem to Wen and he immediately saw that it was in our partnerships best interest to provide us with KHS Bicycle’s newest Enduro model that allowed for an internally routed dropper post!IMG_9293  Its more than that.  Wen’s care has even gone beyond our typical yearly bike sponsorship.  We talked to Wen about how we’d like to purchase and represent KHS with a couple Dirt Jumper Bikes. Ya’see we use DJ bikes at the bike parks for Enduro training, and occasionally for Dual Slalom Racing.  We needed 2 large SJ200 bikes, but KHS had none in stock and no new production planned.  Wen was super accommodating.  He is solving this by having his factory specially build 2 large DJ bike frames.  Wen has even reached out to us to tap into our racing and bike knowledge to help KHS with its design of a new bike.  Now that’s enthusiastic support!

We all know that people who truly, enthusiastically support others are extremely rare!  What makes them enthusiastic supporters?  Enthusiastic supporters are friendly, caring, you can’t help but like them and there is a mutual respect for one another.  I know the characteristics of an enthusiastic race team supporter and I know that enthusiastic supporters take a lot of interest in what we do.  IMG_8847They congratulate us.  They ask us how we like their products or if there is anything they can do to make it better.  They also make sure we have everything we need to perform at our best during our races.  Enthusiastic supporters also love to help us however they can.  Especially, they communicate in an appropriate timeframe.  Enthusiastic supporters are not only accommodating with business matters, but they take interest in us as their Friends, they love to talk and interact socially.


IMG_8838Meeting and becoming friends with people who are enthusiastic supporters is a true pleasure.  They are friendly, caring and truly good people!  So if you ever meet an enthusiastic supporter, treasure and respect your relationship because you never know if you’ll meet another enthusiastic supporter again!

Primal Wear – Jake’s Blog

For 4 years Primal Wear has kindly and eagerly supported The Yackle Brothers Racing Team with their functional and extremely race worthy products such as: Helix Race Kits, Paradymn Jackets, Thermal Bibs/Knickers, and Thermal Leg and Arm Warmers.  We admire Primal Wear because they are an honorable company. They support and donate to many different charitable causes and organizations.  They have super friendly employees and their products are top notch!  Primal Wear is an awesome company and there are so many reasons why you should choose them as your 1st clothing stop!

I’ve ridden in other cycling apparel throughout my 9 years of racing and none of them have performed well as Primal Wear’s!  Primal Wear’s clothing is awesome and there are many things that make their clothing the absolute best!

Materials                                                                                                                                                                               Primal Wear makes the best cycling clothing on the market!  Rest assured that Primal Wear chooses the best materials ( that ensure proper  fit, performance, and function  Primal’s Dimension MTB Jersey uses Ariois fabric which is made  from 80% polyester and 20% spandex.  The Modenza Men’s Loose Fit Short is made of ExoDura, 90% nylon and 10% spandex material.  The Helix Kit: Jersey is made of 100% polyester. The Helix Bib Short is made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex.

Performance/Fit                                                                                                                                                                         All of Primal’s clothing has a very comfortable feel to your body and skin.  The Dimension MTB Jersey’s loose fit design allows you to stay comfortable as the Ariois fabric disperses moisture from the skins surface which results in a more stable body temperature. The Modenza Loose Fit Short is extremely comfortable. The shorts loose fit provides freedom and comfort, it has a removable, Italian Made TMF chamois.  The short also has two awesome ratchet waist straps and belt loops for the best fit and maximum comfort!  The Helix Jersey’s lightweight fabric features ATB-100 fabric with silver ions which reduce air surface tension and conform the jersey to your body while moisture wicking properties keep you cool, dry, and comfortable!  The Helix Jersey also features a full length, exposed YKK Zipper that performs flawlessly, as you can effortlessly zip and un-zip the front of the jersey with one hand which results in keeping you stable and safe while cycling.  The Helix Bib Short uses revolutionary pattern technology and is engineered to reduce air surface resistance and improve performance. The anatomic, race specific fit and HX8 Carbon Chamois allow for superior flexibility and comfort while the mesh bib uppers move and stretch with the body and provide easy airflow and moisture transfer between the surface of the skin and face of the jersey all for your maximum comfort!

Features:                                                                                                                                                                                     The Dimension MTB Jersey features a Rear Zippered Pocket, Rear Reflective Strip and a Tagless Label System. The Modenza Loose Fit Short Features a Detachable Liner With Chamois, Ratcheted Waist Straps, Snap Button Closure, Belt Loops, Zippered Mesh Pockets, Velcro-enclosed Rear Pockets and Reflective Accents. The Helix Jersey features Pro Tour Fit, SLR Ion Fabric, Z92 Fabric, Ergonomic Mesh  Side Panels, Full Length Exposed YKK Zipper, 3 Angled Rear Cargo Pockets, Silicone Waist Gripper and a Tagless Label System.  The Helix Bib Short features Vero Fabric, Pro Tour Fit, Z92 Fabric at Leg Cuff, HX8 Carbon Chamios, Silicone Leg Gripper, Flatlock Stitching and Pro-Mesh Bib Upper.  

Appearance:                                                                                                                                                                                All of Primal Wear’s jerseys, shorts, jackets and kits are made of the highest quality materials which means that all of their clothing uses the best color schemes and look phenomenal!  Primal has made Yackle Brothers Racing Team the most Professional looking youth racing team in America through their custom Kit design program!

Primal Wear is a great company.  They not only make sweet products but they also support some awesome Community Sevices causes and organizations!  Primal Wear has supported dozens upon dozens causes and organizations such NICA and The High School League, IMBA, People For Bikes and many more. Primal has donated to: The American Cancer Society,  Tour De Cure, and Livestrong, in 2014 They donated over 1.3 million to charitable cause related organizations around the world! Primal also supports their community’s trails and local/National Race Teams. What a giving company they are!  Another great part of Primal Wear’s company is its amazing employees!  Primal’s employees are very friendly and encouraging and they always provide the information you need when you call Primal Wear.  At their booth during the Sea Otter classic they were extremely friendly as they talked to us and encouraged us to do well in our races!  

Primal wear is an awesome company, they have kind and friendly employees, they donate and support many charitable causes and organizations, and they make the best cycling and athletic clothes on the market! So if your looking for a great company with friendly employees and sweet products, check out Primal Wear,  you’ll be glad you did!

KHS Team Flite Reviewed- Nye’s Blog

IMG_7945We’re honored to have KHS Bicycles as the 2016 bike sponsor of the Yackle Brothers Racing Team.  They will be supporting us with 3 great bikes: The Team Flite Road bike, Six-Fifty 800 XC bike and Six-Fifty 7500 Enduro bike.   It’s Tour quality and is ridden by the KHS/Maxis Men’s and Women’s Professional Team. 12733469_1506826206291220_1133273211182950112_nThis blog would be too long if I was to write about all three bikes so I’ll be focusing on the Team Flite Road Bike for now.  I have been riding and racing the Team Flite Road Bike since mid December and there are so many things to love about it.



IMG_8161The KHS Team Flite Road Bike is very well made. It’s super lightweight.  Lifting up just the frame feels like picking up a couple pages of a newspaper!  The frame is very stiff and ridged so I can put out all of my power and none of it goes to waste.   The bike is super aerodynamic and cuts through the wind great.  The Team Flite’s geometry is so dialed it allows me to use my wealth of technical skills I’ve honed on MTB bikes on technical road descents and for avoidance of Road hazards.   I have full confidence in the KHS Team Flite, so racing at high speeds tightly packed in the Peloton is made comfortable.  IMG_8078.JPGSo you can feel comfortable building up the KHS Team Flite Road Bike with the highest level components and it will be right in place.  We are using Shimano brakesets, derailleurs, cranksets and cassettes and Full Speed Ahead K-Force Light Carbon handlebars, stems, water bottle cages and seatposts. We are riding on Vision’s awesome Metron 40 and 55 Wheelsets and Ergon’s SR3-S saddles will be keeping our buns comfortable during our long rides. Xpedo Thrust 8 pedals put our power to the ground.  There you have it, one sexy Bike!

IMG_7921Taking it out for a serious training ride, the Artist’s Drive in Death Valley, was a great chance to see how well the bike performed.   The climb was steep and the descent was fast with a lot of turns.  Going up the climb the bike was fantastic, every bit of energy I put out went straight to the rubber and the bike is so light that I could climb even faster.  Descending I had full confidence in my bike.  The frame didn’t flex a bit when I made the quick, sharp turns and the aerodynamic design of the bike allowed me to go even faster.


We really appreciate the attention to detail KHS Bicycles puts into the Team Flite, just as they do with all their bikes.   The Team Flite Road Bike looks hot and is a lot of fun to ride.  I haven’t ridden a better bike.  If you’re looking to buy a bike you should definitely check out KHS Bicycles.Version 2

Blessings From Nature – Jake’s Blog

Ever since I was young I have always loved being out in nature.  I enjoy the amazing scenery, the animals and the adventures that the wilderness has to offer!  Being out in nature makes me happy and all the fun I have there has me addicted!  Over my many years of enjoying nature I’ve come to realize that being involved in the nature is not only fun, but is important for your mental and physical well being.  There are so many benefits to getting out and enjoying nature!

Planet Earth is an awe-inspiring place!  It’s unique ecosystems and extreme beauty have amazed me for years!  Mountain ecosystems are my favorite.  I’ve seen things like an Elk trotting through the forest, beautiful meadows filled with wildflowers blowing in the wind, sparkling waterfalls tumbling over granite boulders and Autumn forests of deciduous trees with red, yellow and orange leaves!

Earth’s extravagant beauty is so  brilliant that it sometimes makes me sigh!  Planet Earth has dozens upon dozens of ecosystems, each with its own unique animals and vegetation!  So wherever you live, get out and explore, because what you see could be priceless!

I’ve seen some extremely cool things during my many adventures, and what I saw during my hike near Arch Canyon in southwestern Utah was definitely priceless!  Arch Canyon is a 20 mile long, 1,000ft deep sandstone erosion in a huge 2000 square mile uplift.  We started our hike around 8:00am and I was super excited that our hike was finally underway!  As we trekked up Arch Canyon I admired the Cottonwood Trees bright firery leaves and the beautiful, towering sandstone cliffs as they shone an orange/red color from the early morning sun.

We hiked 2 miles up Arch Canyon til’ we reached its little brother, a large, 5 mile long side canyon.  The beginning of the canyon  was flat, dry and sandy for about a mile before it turned into a steep, huge boulder field!  The small car to dump truck sized boulders made climbing up the canyon an awesome adventure!  I felt like a cat as I jumped from boulder to boulder and scrambled over loose rocks!

 Once we came to the top of the boulder field we found ourselves face to face with a huge pour off!  Since the pour off was at least 100ft tall we had no choice but to climb around it to reach the top!  The side of the canyon had boulders and dirt piled against the cliff wall which offered a difficult, but exciting way up!   So after a few minutes of sweating, climbing and groaning we finally reached the top of the pour off!  The view of the beautiful Cottonwood Tree’s Autumn colors down below us in the canyon was great.  When I turned around I could see the top of the canyon!  It filled me with excitement and I eagerly began hiking again!  As we walked along the canyon’s wash bottom we looked up and saw an amphitheater in the cliff face! Our past experiences told us that since the overhang faced south there was a good chance of finding Indian Ruins in it!  Since the overhang was at least 50 feet above the wash bottom we decided to climb up the steep side slope, and with the help of a few trees and bushes we reached the cliff face!  After a few minutes of walking along the green and orange Lichen covered cliff face we came to the large but low overhang!

  I stood at the edge of the overhang and surveyed the area, I didn’t notice any ruins, but something seemed unnatural about the floor!  So, after a few seconds my instinct to explore got the best of me!  I dashed around the floor, excited to explored the area!  As I explored, I kept seeing huge square shaped rock slabs, I was wondering why they were shaped like that when my Dad excitedly yelled “Jake and Nye come look at this”.  I ran over and saw a small round Indian ruin half buried in dirt!  I looked inside and saw that unlike Anasazi ruins that were built from rocks stacked atop each other, this ruin was built from the big rock slabs stood up on end!  Later we learned that the ruin was between 1,600 and 2,000 years old.  The way that the Indians had turned the slab rocks upright was the oldest form of building stone structures in that area!  After we took some pictures we climbed out of the canyon and started back to our camp site.  On our way back our Dad twisted his ankle twice so we had to stop a while to let him rest.  By the time we had finally made it back to camp it was nearly dark!  Even though we hiked back to our camp during dusk and I was afraid of being chased by a wild animal, our hike was extraordinary and I earned a priceless memory that I will always have!  Our 12 mile hike turned out to be an awesome adventure!

Getting out and exploring nature is a great way to mentally de-stress and stay happy.  While hiking and climbing on rocks is a awesome way to stay fit and physical healthy!  There are hundreds of places to explore from towering mountains to high altitude deserts!  So wherever you live, get out and enjoy nature, because remember, what you see could be priceless!