Jake’s 2014 Race Results

Date                                    Race Event                                         Type

1/4/14                SoCal Cross Fever #2                                           CX

7th                     Mens 3/4/5

1/5/14                Califorina Cyclocross State Championship           CX

1st                     Juniors 10-14 age group

1/21/14              Cyclocross National Championships                     CX

20th                   Juniors 13-14 age group

2/2/14                Total Body Fitness MTB Classic                            XC

8th                      Expert High School

2/16/14               Pine Flat Road Race (field size 37)                    Road

28th                    Cat 4 Men’s

2/22/14               Slugaplooza Road Race (field size 38)              Road

16th                    Cat 4 Men’s

2/23/14               NICA Fun at the Fort E. Garrison, Fort Ord, CA     XC

3rd                      Freshman Boys Caterory

3/9/14                 Red Kite Criterium #2                                        Road

DNP                   Elete Cat 4’s (field size 56)

3/16/14               Bonelli Pro XCT

1st                     Junior Men 13-14 Age Group

4th                     Cat 2 Junior Men 14 and under

3/23/14               Fontana Pro XCT

1st                     Junior Men 13-14 Age Group

2nd                    Cat 2 Junior Men 14 And Under

4/11/14              Sea Otter Classic Monterey CA

15th                  Junior Men 13-14 Age Group

4/26/14             NorCal State Championships

5th                    Freshmen D2 Boys

5/6/14               Reno Wheelmen Twilight Race Series

1st                    Men’s C Group

5/8/14               Peavine Challenge Hill climb

7th                     Overall A’s, B’s and C’s

5/11/14              NorCal and SoCal State Championships

15th                   Freshmen D2 Boys out of 87 racers

5/15/14.            Reno Wheelmen Twilight race series

6th                    Men’s A group

5/24/14.            Folsom Classic Criterium

9th.                  Juniors 14-18 age group (field size 24)

61st                 Cat 4 Men’s (field size 81)

5/27-29/14       Reno Wheelmen twilight series’s three stage Omnium

Stage:1 Cold Springs                                    7th Men’s C Group

Stage:2 Boca Road Race                             1st Men’s C Group

Stage:3 Air Center Criterium                         4th Men’s C Group

2nd                   Overall in the Omnium

5-6/31-1/14.     Auburn/Lomis Omnium

Stage:1 Auburn Circuit Race                   15th Cat 4 Men (field size 24)

Stage:2  Auburn Criterium                      22nd Cat 4 Men (field size 24)

14th.      Overall in Omnium (field size 17)

6/4/14.     Reno Wheelmen Twilight Road Series Firnley Circuit race

1st.                     Men’s C Group

6/8/14      Rockhopper Classic CA State Championships Vacaville, CA

1st                 Juniors 13-14 age group

2nd               Juniors 14 and under

6/14/14    Nevada City Dirt Classic Nevada City, CA

1st                  Expert Juniors 15-18 age group

6/15/14     Nevada City Classic RR Nevada City, CA

2nd                 Juniors 13-14 age group (field size 5)

6/17/14     Reno Wheelmen Twilight Road Series

7th.                  4 Person Time Trial

6/20-22/14   Little Cities Stage Race

Stage1:  1st      Road Race Juniors 13-14 age Group (field size 6)

Stage2:  1st.     Circuit Race Juniors 13-14 age group (field size 5)

Stage3:  2nd     Criterium Juniors 13-14 age group (field size 5)

Stage4:  1st      Time Trial Juniors 13-14 age group (field size 6)

1st                    Omnium Juniors 13-14 age group (field size 5)

6/24/14         Reno Wheelmen Road Twilight Series Boca Road Race

1st                    Men’s C Group

6/26/14         Reno Wheelmen MTB Twilight Series Horizon Hills

5th                    Men’s A Group

6/28/14         Northstar  XC MTB Race

1st                    Cat 1 Juniors 15-18 Age Group

6/29/14         Nevada City Dirt Classic #2

1st                    Cat 1 Juniors 15-18 Age Group

1st                    Overall out of all Pro and Cat1 Fields

7/1/14           Road Twilight Race Series Air Center Crit

7th                     Mens B Group

7/8/14           Reno Wheelmen Road Twilight Race Series Firnly

8th                      Mens B Group

7/15/14        Reno Wheelmen Twilight Series Aircenter Criterium

8/2/14          19th Annual Downieville Classic                                    XC

1st                       Sport Juniors 13-18

8/9-10/14     The Mighty Tour De Nez                                            Road

1st                        Criterium juniors 13-14 (field size 5)

1st                        Time Trial juniors 13-14 (field size 5)

1st                        Circut Race juniors 13-14 (field size 5)

1st                        General Classifacation juniors 13-14 (field size 5)

8/12-14/14   Reno Wheelmen Road Series Stage Race

13th                       Time Trial Men’s B

5th                         Road Race Men’s B

7th.                       Air Center Criterium Men’s B

8/19/14.        Reno Wheelmen Twilight Series Boca RR

3rd.                       Men’s B Group

8/23/14         Winters Road Race

20th                      Cat 4 Elite Men (field size 51)


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