Jake’s 2012 Results

Date                Race Event                                                                      Event Type

1/14/12            El Paso Puzzler El Paso, TX                                              XC/ Endurance

13th in a 35 mile Open Men’s Field of 56 Racers

2/25/12            Hedge Hog Hustle,Phoenix, AZ                                          XC

1st  Cat 3  15-18 yr old,  2nd Overall Cat 3

3/3/12              Red Rock Desert Rampage St George, UT                        XC

1st  Cat 2/Cat 1  13-15 yr old

3/11/12            Trifecta Omnium, Las Cruces, NM                                    Road

2nd  Las Cruces Time Trial, Juniors 16 and under

3rd  Las Cruces Criterium,  Juniors 16 and under

3rd  Hillsboro Road Race,  Juniors 16 and under

2nd Trifecta Omnium, Juniors 16 and under

3/24/12            Maverick Classic, GJ CO                                                   Road

1st    Juniors Time Trial 10 miles in 30:54

3rd   Criterium

1st   Juniors Mad Cow Road Race  Avg. 17.91mph

4/1/12              Coyote Classic, El Paso, TX                                              XC

1st  Juniors Cat 2 18 yrs old and under

4/14/12            Rumble at 18 Rd.,  Fruita, Co                                            XC


4/19-22/12       Sea Otter Classic Monterey, CA                                       XC

5th  Juniors Cat 3 13-14 yrs old

4/27-28/12       Whiskey Off Road Prescott, AZ                                         XC/Endurance

5th   25 Proof  Juniors < 18 yrs old  20th overall out of 694 racers

4/29/12            La Tierra Torture Santa Fe NM                                         XC

1st   Juniors  Cat 2 < 18 yrs old

5/6/12              Alien MTB Race Aztec, NM                                               XC

2nd   Juniors  Cat 2  14-18 yrs. old

5/12/12            Oak Flats Albuquerque, NM                                               XC

1st     Juniors  Cat 2  under 18 yrs 2nd Overall

5/26-27/12       Iron Horse Classic Durango, CO                                       XC/Road

2nd   Juniors  10-14 yrs

6/3-4/12          Santa Fe Stage Race Santa  Fe, NM                                 Road


6/1-3/12           Teva Mountain Games  Vail, CO                                      XC

3rd      Juniors Sport under 18 yrs

6/9/12              Pajarito Punishment Los Alamos, NM                               XC


6/9/12              Chili Challenge  Angel Fire, NM                                        XC

1st      Juniors Cat 3 < 14 yrs  1st Overall Cat 3

6/10/12            Crest Race Albuquerque, NM                                           Road


6/16/12            Pro XCT Colorado Springs, CO                                        XC

5th      Cat 2 15-18 yr olds

6/23/12            Wildflower Rush Crested Butte, CO                                  XC

1st       Cat 3 Juniors < 14 yrs  1st Overall Cat 3

7/6/12              USA Cycling Nationals Sun Valley, ID                          XC

1st        National Champion  11-12 yrs                                      

7/14/12            Pro XCT Missoula, MT                                                      XC

1st        Cat 3 Junior < 14 yrs 1st Overall Cat 3

7/21/12            Frazer Mountain MadnessTaos, NM                                 XC

1st        Cat 2 Juniors <12 yrs

1st        USA Cycling Alison Dunlap Series 11-12 yrs

8/6/12              Sandia Peak Epic Omnium Albuquerque,NM                  XC

1st         Cat 2 Juniors <18 yrs 3rd overall                                          XC

2nd       Cat 2 Juniors <18 yrs  3rd overall                                          HC

2nd       Cat 2 Juniors <18 yrs                                                              SD 

1st        Cat 2 Juniors<18 yrs                                                       Omnium

1st        New Mexico State Champion Cat 2<18 yrs 

8/9/i2           Criterium Albuquerque, NM                                                  XC

8/11/12        Full Tilt in Telluride                                                               XC

1st        Cat 3 Juniors<14 yrs 1st overall

1st        CO State Champion Juniors<14 yrs

1st        Mountain States Cup Series Champion Juniors<14 yrs

2nd       Mountain States Cup Series Junior Team                

8/25/12            Top of the World Red River, NM                                       XC

1st        Cat 2 Juniors<18 yrs 2nd overall

9/8/12              Back to School Special, Albuquerque, NM                        XC

2nd       Cat 2 Juniors<18 yrs 5th overall

9/16/12            Horny Toad Hustle Las Cruces, NM                                  XC

1st        Cat 2 Juniors<18 yrs 4th overall 

9/22/12            Squash Blossom Screamer Gallup, NM                            XC

1st       Cat 2 Juniors<18 yrs 5th overall

10/6/12            Road Apple Rally Farmington, NM                                    XC



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