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Team Update: March 2017, the Team moved to Spokane, WA to support their mother’s career promotion.  The Team’s racing pathways now included logging substantially more milage (30,000) to fulfill its Race Schedule.  The Team responded with the character they are known for.  Making  its first (3 month long) race trip to the East Coast and Canada. Racing both XC and Enduro disciplines in 2 Countries and posting some outstanding results.  Highlighted by a double Team Member Podium in USA Cycling MTB National Championship Enduro!

Team Update: In the Summer of 2014, the Team Director made the decision for the Team Members to begin competing in Enduro and making Enduro their primary focus.  In the succeeding season we competed in Enduro, Road Racing and XC races.  2015, 2016 and 2017 produce some amazing results for 3 discipline athletes!

Team Update:  June 2013 was a big date for the development of Yackle Brothers Racing.  Our move to Reno, NV marked a transitional point for the Team.  Leaving our long-time home of Cortez, CO was a big, but important step.  Reno, NV now provides the Team with many important aspect of racing and training which were a challenge living in Cortez, to say the least.  2013 we began competing on Road and Cyclocross.   XC will still be a important part of the Team’s focus, but we will be Road Racing with equal passion from here forward.  Early, successes on the Road have been encouraging, showing the Team Racers are quite gifted Athletes……stay tuned! 

McLaren Challenge 157

Team Member:   Jedediah Jake Yackle   Age 17  Starting his 11th Season of Racing

2017 USA Cycling Nationals 17-18 Enduro 4th, XC 10th, DH 11th

2017 Mont Sainte Anne World Cup/Velerium 30k XC 17-18 1st & 1st Overall 

2017 IMBA National Enduro Series U21 2nd Overall

2017 Canadian National Enduro Series Bromont QC CA U21 3rd

2017 North American Cup 1st Juniors U18 

2017 Epic Rides Carson City Road Pro Critérium 6th, XC 15th 

2016 USA Cycling MTB Nationals Cat 1 15-16 Cross Country 7th

2016 Downieville Bicycle Classic U18 Junior All Mountain Champion

2016 NICA California State Championships 7th Varsity

2016 NICA/NorCal Overall  Series Points Championship 2nd Varsity

2016 California Enduro Series Season Overall Expert U18 5th 

2016 Carson City Off Road Capitol 50 1st Amateur Men Open

2016 Tour De Nez Critérium 1st Elite 4s, 1st Junior 15-16

2015 USA Cycling XC 15-16 National Champion

2015 Enduro Cup Points Championship 2nd Junior Expert

2015 California Enduro Series Points Championship 5th Overall Junior Expert

2015 Downieville Bike Classic All Mountain 5th Junior Expert

2015 NICA/NorCal Silver California State Junior Varsity and Conference Chanmpionship

2012 USA Cycling XC  10-12 and National Champions,

2010 USA Cycling XC U10 National Champion,

2011 USA Cycling Bronze Medalist,

2013 USA Cycling Nationals 4th & 5th

2014 California State Champion Jr 13-14

2014 California State Cyclocross Champion Jr U14

2012 Colorado State Champion,

2012 New Mexico State Champion,

2011 Category 3 New Mexico Off Road Regional Series Champion,

2012 Category 2 New Mexico Off Road Regional Series Champion,

2012 Category 3 Mountain States Cup Regional Series Champion,

2013 Northstar Point Series Champion

2013 Sierra Cup Point Series Champion

2012 Silver Medal Team Points Championship Mountain States Cup Regional Point Series.


Team Member:  Nathaniel Nye Yackle  Age 15   Starting his 10th Season of Racing 

2017 USA Cycling MTB Nationals 15-16 Enduro: 5th XC: 15 DH: 10th

2017 Mont Sainte Anne World Cup/Velerium 30k XC 4th Juniors 15-16

2017 IMBA National Enduro Series U21 6th Overall 

2017 Canadian National Enduro Series Bromont QC CA U21 5th

2017 Big Mountain Enduro Santa Fe U17 3rd

2017 Epic Rides Carson City Off Road Capitol 50 1st U18 Juniors 

2017 Epic Rides Grand Junction Off Road Capitol 40 2nd Juniors U18

2016 USA Cycling MTB Nationals Junior U14 STXC 4th 

2016 Downieville Classic 3rd Junior Sport 

2016 Tour De Nez Critérium 3rd Juniors 13-14

2016 Sea Otter Classic 3rd Juniors Cat 1 13-14 

2016 Battleborn Enduro 1st Junior Sport U18

2016 Carson City Off Road Capitol 50 1st Junior U18 

2016 NICA/NorCal Overall Points Series 3rd Freshman 

2016 NICA California State Championships 6th Freshman

2015 California Enduro Series Points Championship 3rd Overall Junior Sport Class 

2012 USA Cycling XC U10 National Champion,

2011 USA Cycling Silver Medalist,

2013 USA Cycling Bronze Medalist

2014 California State Championships 2nd Junior 11-12

2014 California State Cyclocross Championships 3rd Jr U14

2012 Category 3 New Mexico Off Road Regional Series Champion,

2013 Northstar Point Series Champion

2012 Silver Medal Team Points Championship Mountain States Cup Regional Point Series.

2018 Sponsorship:  KHS Bicycles, Primal Wear Inc, Shimano, Panaracer Tires, Slime, Genuine Innovations, Full Speed Ahead, Vision, Fox, Osprey Packs, SIDI, White Lightning Lubricants, Xpedo Pedals, Kali Protectives,  9point8 Dropper Posts, Clif Bar, Velo Saddles/Grips, Welge Automotive.

These Colorado born Athletes embody all of the goodness of growing up in the Mountain West.  They enjoy all that is great in the Outdoor Lifestyle! Though they focus their attention on Mountain Bike Racing, but they enjoy rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, paddle sports and a leisure camping trip!  You won’t find these kids with idle time!  Being top XC/Road/Enduro athletes, requires dedication and hard work.  Beyond that they heavily participate in the building and development of their Race Team as a business-Yackle Brothers Racing!  Their home life is another place where this athletes are not ordindary kids as they are required to do the chores to maintain their household.  Mom and Dad are there to teach self sufficiency and support.  We think they are well on their way!


Recent Posts

Nye’s Carson City Off Road Race Recap


Had a early start at 7:30 for my backcountry race and boy was I getting excited and nervous too but that’s normal😂.  I made sure to get the holeshot (for photos and stuff) then just cruised out to the dirt.  Once we hit the dirt, me, Mike Donahue(a really fast dude) and 2 others pushed the pace hard a destroyed the group.  I bided my time and waited till right before the  singletrack to attack so I could be on it first and ride my own pace(cuz I didn’t care if they got mad that I was going to slow🤷‍♂️)   I rode a solid tempo pace up the 3 mile singletrack climb.  At the top me and this random dude had a BIG sprint for the downhill singletrack!  I didn’t have enough power to make it there first and for the next minute I was puzzling over who wanted to get to the downhill first THAT bad!  I studied him for a minute then I realized he was wearing a Levi’s Grand Fondo Jersey and I was like OHHHHHHH!  Shorter dude, bald, lean, and freakin fast, yup that must be Levi, Levi Leipheimer!   Being a roady he didn’t rip the downhill but oh well, I was okay with being right on him for the descent.  We popped out on the road I grabbed a bottle from my bro then 30sec later Levi attacks and DEMOLISHED US up the climb.  I rode with Mike and another guy till 1/2 mile before the top then I couldn’t hold their pace anymore which made me mad haha.  I made it to the Sponner Feed Station in 5th then my legs turned to 💩    I dropped back to around 15th and I almost had a fit, but I managed to grab ones guys wheel so could draft across the Flume Trail.   About halfway done with the Flume we went into the shadows.  Next thing I know.  SWISH SWISH SWISH!!!  I was like NOOOOOOO!   I got passes by 5 more people and the NEXT JUNIOR!  I was fit to be tied but I managed to keep my cool and plug it with some Slime Bacon as fast as I could.  I hammered the flat only catching one guy😂   We came out on Tunnel Creek Road my Dad gave me my bottles and we hammered on.   Right before we dove into the Long Tahoe Rim Trail climb I filled my tire and looked back to see my 45 year old buddy Troy Deibert and Gnarly singlespeed racer Steven Mills (this time with gears) closing on me.  I was like Ughhhhhhhhh nooo, not what I need right now!   I fended them off for half the climb them the just whished by me.  If I wouldn’t have been 15 I would’ve cried😭 because I couldn’t keep up😅   I trugged on to the Peak and began my descent down Sunflower Hill Trail, third switchback down and my tire rolls and I land on my face having a dirt snack.  Yummm.  Thennn i proceeded to full my tire(AGAIN 🤬)   I sent down that trail more than any other trail I have ridden desperately trying to gain positions, which I did(3).  Once I hit the fire road me a CZ Racer friend of mine drilled it for 3 miles roughly till then I begged a racer at the last feed station for a CO2 cuz my tire was nearly flat.  Booking down the INSANE Secret Trail I caught très amigos and proceed to drop them hahahahah!  Buttt on the next climb I just had to slow down with cramps on the horizon if I continued at the same pace(which let them catch me again) 1 by 1 they got away😡😵  I would’ve caught them on the last descent but my tire being nearly flat and me not wanting to go on a co2 hunt 5 short miles to the finish I we as crazy fast as I could — dying.  Did some pavement drifting on my fronty flat to get to the line 2nd in Juniors and 22nd overall.  What’s with me and my weird coincidental numbers 🤷‍♂️😂

Satisfied and disappointed at the same time, it’s a good result but I hate to break my winning streak in Carson City😢   All in all a good day on the bike, just like Epic Rides promises!

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