Nye’s Carson City Off Road Race Recap


Had a early start at 7:30 for my backcountry race and boy was I getting excited and nervous too but that’s normal😂.  I made sure to get the holeshot (for photos and stuff) then just cruised out to the dirt.  Once we hit the dirt, me, Mike Donahue(a really fast dude) and 2 others pushed the pace hard a destroyed the group.  I bided my time and waited till right before the  singletrack to attack so I could be on it first and ride my own pace(cuz I didn’t care if they got mad that I was going to slow🤷‍♂️)   I rode a solid tempo pace up the 3 mile singletrack climb.  At the top me and this random dude had a BIG sprint for the downhill singletrack!  I didn’t have enough power to make it there first and for the next minute I was puzzling over who wanted to get to the downhill first THAT bad!  I studied him for a minute then I realized he was wearing a Levi’s Grand Fondo Jersey and I was like OHHHHHHH!  Shorter dude, bald, lean, and freakin fast, yup that must be Levi, Levi Leipheimer!   Being a roady he didn’t rip the downhill but oh well, I was okay with being right on him for the descent.  We popped out on the road I grabbed a bottle from my bro then 30sec later Levi attacks and DEMOLISHED US up the climb.  I rode with Mike and another guy till 1/2 mile before the top then I couldn’t hold their pace anymore which made me mad haha.  I made it to the Sponner Feed Station in 5th then my legs turned to 💩    I dropped back to around 15th and I almost had a fit, but I managed to grab ones guys wheel so could draft across the Flume Trail.   About halfway done with the Flume we went into the shadows.  Next thing I know.  SWISH SWISH SWISH!!!  I was like NOOOOOOO!   I got passes by 5 more people and the NEXT JUNIOR!  I was fit to be tied but I managed to keep my cool and plug it with some Slime Bacon as fast as I could.  I hammered the flat only catching one guy😂   We came out on Tunnel Creek Road my Dad gave me my bottles and we hammered on.   Right before we dove into the Long Tahoe Rim Trail climb I filled my tire and looked back to see my 45 year old buddy Troy Deibert and Gnarly singlespeed racer Steven Mills (this time with gears) closing on me.  I was like Ughhhhhhhhh nooo, not what I need right now!   I fended them off for half the climb them the just whished by me.  If I wouldn’t have been 15 I would’ve cried😭 because I couldn’t keep up😅   I trugged on to the Peak and began my descent down Sunflower Hill Trail, third switchback down and my tire rolls and I land on my face having a dirt snack.  Yummm.  Thennn i proceeded to full my tire(AGAIN 🤬)   I sent down that trail more than any other trail I have ridden desperately trying to gain positions, which I did(3).  Once I hit the fire road me a CZ Racer friend of mine drilled it for 3 miles roughly till then I begged a racer at the last feed station for a CO2 cuz my tire was nearly flat.  Booking down the INSANE Secret Trail I caught très amigos and proceed to drop them hahahahah!  Buttt on the next climb I just had to slow down with cramps on the horizon if I continued at the same pace(which let them catch me again) 1 by 1 they got away😡😵  I would’ve caught them on the last descent but my tire being nearly flat and me not wanting to go on a co2 hunt 5 short miles to the finish I we as crazy fast as I could — dying.  Did some pavement drifting on my fronty flat to get to the line 2nd in Juniors and 22nd overall.  What’s with me and my weird coincidental numbers 🤷‍♂️😂

Satisfied and disappointed at the same time, it’s a good result but I hate to break my winning streak in Carson City😢   All in all a good day on the bike, just like Epic Rides promises!