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imageI had a great time at the Epic Rides, Carson City Off Road. I had so much fun hanging out around the venue.   I loved the fact that the city opened up Mills Park for the racers to camp and hang out at. We had a lot of fun camping and talking with our friend Troy Deibert.

The Expo was great!!!    The Expo and start/finish were right on Carson St., in Downtown Carson City, NV.   It’s been Nevada’s  Capitol back to the 1800’s and there are so many cool old, historical buildings and relics.  The Expo was right next to the Capitol building and the Governors Mansion was only a couple blocks away.   There were bands playing each night, so it was always a happening event.    Many of our Sponsors also sponsored the event and set up booths. image We saw: Joe from Shimano, Jake from Yakima and Billy at Slime. Friday night the was the Pro Fat Tire Crit.  We needed to line up at 6:45 for a 7:30 race start so my parents went and watched but Jake and I hung out at camp to stay off our feet and stay rested for our huge race.

I had a blast in the Capitol 50 race. The Kings Canyon climb averaged 10% grade for the first 3 miles on dirt.  I was in the third group and in lead for the juniors for the entire climb and race.  My dad believes in great preparation so when I went through the Spooner Lake Comfort Station my dad passed me a water bottle.   It was obvious most other racers didn’t as I passed several people stopping to fill up.    Next up, a 1200 foot climb, up North Canyon Road. It was fast and consistent in the beginning and steep and inconsistent in the end. image  I rode with two other racers guys all the way to the saddle before Marlette Lake.    I welcomed the short descent down to Marlette Lake.   As we reached the base of the climb out of Marlette Lake Basin we caught a single-speeder.  We hear him sign  ”Oh Crap!” as the climb was filled with 18% grade sections.  The winds up on Marlette Peak were gusting to 50 mph and that’s exactly where the course looped around!!! image Plus there were 2 GIANT snow fields we had to run across. After we topped out near 9000 feet we started descending.   There was a technical section where I ran past the two guys to get a big gap.  I held it for the next 8 miles on Red Flume Trail and Tanks Road.  The next section was a super sketchy descent down the (SSHHHH!!!!) Secret Trail. Seldom used, the first 20 riders created a 3 inch wide rut in the soft dirt the whole way down.  I could see tons of places where racers lost it and flew off the trail.    Racing Enduro for the last year has honed my technical skills so I stayed on two wheels.   imageI reached the Ash To King Canyon Trail I knew it was going to be tough because a 4 mile, 1200 foot climb lay before me.  About halfway up my pace slowed a bit because the previous 40 miles were beginning to catch me.  Shortly after 2 men passed me, I tried to hang on their wheels but I didn’t have enough gas.  When I reached the top I rejoiced!  I went in Enduro mode down the 3.1 mile singletrack descent and 2 miles of fire road after that.  When I reached the 2 and 1/4 miles of pavement remaining I time trialed to the finish.

imageRace Time: 4:14:09 and Outcome: 1st in the Juniors 18 and Under and 22nd overall.  Jake impressed us all and won the overall Amateur class.   Thank you Mom and Dad for all of the support out on course, I know no one else that covered 3 out of 4 Comfort Stations.  Thanks to my sponsors for the support!!!!  After the race we had lunch with Troy at Reds 395 Grill near the venue.  It was decorated with tons of pieces of history.   We watched Finish of the Pros race Sunday and saw: Geoff Kabush, Todd Wells, Russell Finsterwall, Katerina Nash, Rose Grant and Amy Beisel take the top steps.   The Carson City Off Road was a awesome event, I’m so proud of my race and the results I achieved and I had so much fun.   I can’t wait to come back next year!image


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