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 This 2016 NorCal High School League Season has been a wild adventure!   Not only did I have a lot of fun racing, I also really enjoyed hanging out and joking with my friends, making new friends at all of the races, and helping NICA get more Kids on bikes!  2016 was my first year racing in the ripin’ fast Varsity class!  It has been a awesome racing experience to say the least. In the first 2 early season races I learned how fast the varsity class really was, as I challenged myself to hang with the leaders for just 1 lap!  Living at high altitude in Nevada I knew we weren’t getting the same Winter training conditions as racers in California, but I felt that my fitness and strength would come better the further into the race season.  At the 3rd race my new training regiment finally payed off and I was able to take a 2nd place which filled me with confidence for race #4.  At race #4 the race leaders put the pedal to the metal making for an extremely fast race, they put a pace so fast that I was dropped on lap 3. Dang it!  In the end I came in 5th in after a sprint finish!  More motivated than ever I trained with renewed energy for two weeks for the conference championships.

Conference champs was another hard race but I felt stronger than I had thought the entire season!   I was actively pushing the race for 3 laps, then on the the fourth lap my chain dropped twice!  Near the end of the 4th lap, after having a 40 second deficit I’d fought my way back up to the second place racer!  Though, on the 5th lap I finally ran out of gas and and lost the second place racers wheel.  In the end I came in a solid 3rd place.

  After finishing conference champs in 3rd  and taking 2nd in the series, I was super excited for the state championships!  The state championship race was SO fast! On lap 1 three SoCal racers layed the hammer down and broke away within the first couple miles, and behind them were two NorCal racers.  So for the entire race me and another fellow NorCal racer chased the top five racers for a shot to get on the podium!  In the end we just couldn’t pull it back and I came in 7th.  Although I was somewhat disappointed, I realized that being just 15 years old and taking 7th in The California High School League State Championships, Varsity Class is pretty sweet!

This season of the NorCal High School League was awesome!   I’m super excited for next year!  I’m looking forward to seeing my friends again, and I have my goal set on winning The State Championshp Title!


3 thoughts on “Season Of Shred – Jake’s Blog

  1. What a great season Jake. You should certainly feel proud of what you have achieved at such a young age. You have a great future on bikes ahead of you. I’m looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the family soon.

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