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For 4 years Primal Wear has kindly and eagerly supported The Yackle Brothers Racing Team with their functional and extremely race worthy products such as: Helix Race Kits, Paradymn Jackets, Thermal Bibs/Knickers, and Thermal Leg and Arm Warmers.  We admire Primal Wear because they are an honorable company. They support and donate to many different charitable causes and organizations.  They have super friendly employees and their products are top notch!  Primal Wear is an awesome company and there are so many reasons why you should choose them as your 1st clothing stop!

I’ve ridden in other cycling apparel throughout my 9 years of racing and none of them have performed well as Primal Wear’s!  Primal Wear’s clothing is awesome and there are many things that make their clothing the absolute best!

Materials                                                                                                                                                                               Primal Wear makes the best cycling clothing on the market!  Rest assured that Primal Wear chooses the best materials ( that ensure proper  fit, performance, and function  Primal’s Dimension MTB Jersey uses Ariois fabric which is made  from 80% polyester and 20% spandex.  The Modenza Men’s Loose Fit Short is made of ExoDura, 90% nylon and 10% spandex material.  The Helix Kit: Jersey is made of 100% polyester. The Helix Bib Short is made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex.

Performance/Fit                                                                                                                                                                         All of Primal’s clothing has a very comfortable feel to your body and skin.  The Dimension MTB Jersey’s loose fit design allows you to stay comfortable as the Ariois fabric disperses moisture from the skins surface which results in a more stable body temperature. The Modenza Loose Fit Short is extremely comfortable. The shorts loose fit provides freedom and comfort, it has a removable, Italian Made TMF chamois.  The short also has two awesome ratchet waist straps and belt loops for the best fit and maximum comfort!  The Helix Jersey’s lightweight fabric features ATB-100 fabric with silver ions which reduce air surface tension and conform the jersey to your body while moisture wicking properties keep you cool, dry, and comfortable!  The Helix Jersey also features a full length, exposed YKK Zipper that performs flawlessly, as you can effortlessly zip and un-zip the front of the jersey with one hand which results in keeping you stable and safe while cycling.  The Helix Bib Short uses revolutionary pattern technology and is engineered to reduce air surface resistance and improve performance. The anatomic, race specific fit and HX8 Carbon Chamois allow for superior flexibility and comfort while the mesh bib uppers move and stretch with the body and provide easy airflow and moisture transfer between the surface of the skin and face of the jersey all for your maximum comfort!

Features:                                                                                                                                                                                     The Dimension MTB Jersey features a Rear Zippered Pocket, Rear Reflective Strip and a Tagless Label System. The Modenza Loose Fit Short Features a Detachable Liner With Chamois, Ratcheted Waist Straps, Snap Button Closure, Belt Loops, Zippered Mesh Pockets, Velcro-enclosed Rear Pockets and Reflective Accents. The Helix Jersey features Pro Tour Fit, SLR Ion Fabric, Z92 Fabric, Ergonomic Mesh  Side Panels, Full Length Exposed YKK Zipper, 3 Angled Rear Cargo Pockets, Silicone Waist Gripper and a Tagless Label System.  The Helix Bib Short features Vero Fabric, Pro Tour Fit, Z92 Fabric at Leg Cuff, HX8 Carbon Chamios, Silicone Leg Gripper, Flatlock Stitching and Pro-Mesh Bib Upper.  

Appearance:                                                                                                                                                                                All of Primal Wear’s jerseys, shorts, jackets and kits are made of the highest quality materials which means that all of their clothing uses the best color schemes and look phenomenal!  Primal has made Yackle Brothers Racing Team the most Professional looking youth racing team in America through their custom Kit design program!

Primal Wear is a great company.  They not only make sweet products but they also support some awesome Community Sevices causes and organizations!  Primal Wear has supported dozens upon dozens causes and organizations such NICA and The High School League, IMBA, People For Bikes and many more. Primal has donated to: The American Cancer Society,  Tour De Cure, and Livestrong, in 2014 They donated over 1.3 million to charitable cause related organizations around the world! Primal also supports their community’s trails and local/National Race Teams. What a giving company they are!  Another great part of Primal Wear’s company is its amazing employees!  Primal’s employees are very friendly and encouraging and they always provide the information you need when you call Primal Wear.  At their booth during the Sea Otter classic they were extremely friendly as they talked to us and encouraged us to do well in our races!  

Primal wear is an awesome company, they have kind and friendly employees, they donate and support many charitable causes and organizations, and they make the best cycling and athletic clothes on the market! So if your looking for a great company with friendly employees and sweet products, check out Primal Wear,  you’ll be glad you did!


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