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HGEO6073A couple months ago I had my 13th birthday but what really made me proud was to be able to, by myself, build out my bike and make important adjustments and calibrations by myself.   Just a couple years ago when we built up our race bikes I could only do minor tasks like attaching the seatpost, water bottle cages and seat.  When the brake and caliper needed to be set up so the rotor wouldn’t rub the brake pads, my brother or father would have to come help me.  Now I can do tasks independently, like threading in my Shimano bottom bracket and adjusting the shifter cable so it shifts smoothly.   Being able to build my bike and do other things independently means so much to me.









Doing tasks independently is great.  I feel so much more mature when I do things without needing help.   It makes me feel very proud accomplishing some very important jobs.  I built up my entire bike this year alone.  When I do things like that I hold my head high for the future.  I also feel very trusted when my father and brother let me do important jobs and work on their bikes independently.    Independently doing things is very important for me and I like being fully trusted to work on my family’s bikes and other things.

IMG_8844Achieving things independently is important.   When I do things unsupervised correctly my family and friends can count on me.  They can rely on me to do important jobs and other things in case of an emergency.  Another great reason to be able to do things independently is my family and I can accomplished a lot more.  Before, when I needed help with something, it meant two people were doing the same thing.  I’m happy because I can independently:  build and maintain my bike, cook, organize food menus and gear for races.IMG_7934

Being able to do things independently makes me proud and I feel more mature.  Without a doubt building a bike out from components and a frame was by far the most difficult task I’ve ever accomplished.  I want more responsibility in life so it’s important to be able to do that!  I’m learning that, if I set my mind to accomplish tasks independently the future will be great.



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