Oh Yeah………….. A New Year!

imageThe Yackle Brothers Racing Team had a super successful 2015 season:  in road racing where we continued to refine and define our fitness abilities, in the exploding NorCal High School League with 2nd at State Championships in Junior Varsity, in the widely popular new race discipline of Enduro where both Nye and Jake came away with 2015 Point Series Podiums, and in our bread and butter discipline of XC where we claimed the Yackle Brothers Racing Team’s 4th National Championship Title! FullSizeRender 8 years success has the Team stoked and very excited for the 2016 season!  In the NorCal High School League, the Varsity Racers have proven year in and year out that they are the fastest Junior racers in the Nation and that level talent is represent across the entire League!  Although Jake will be racing High School Seniors that are as old as 19, he is setting his goals high!  Nye will eek into age eligibility, but just, as a young race age 14 yr old!  We still expect him to battle for the podium in the High School Freshmen Class filled with race age 15 and 16 yr olds!   Both have goals to make it on the podium at each race, while, I know that, because of their young ages, getting top 10 finishes would be awesome results.  Next, we will start racing in some crazy fun Enduro races!  IMG_7719Our goals for Enduro’s this year are to be consistently, podium competitive with the 18 year old juniors in our Sport and Junior Classes, to improve on our last years results and make it into the top five or higher each race!  As the season progresses, the one thing that will have us sitting on the edge of our seats in excitement is waiting for The USA Cycling XC National Championships!  Unlike last year’s Spring XC season when Nye sat idle, because he was too young for the NorCal High School Cycling League,  Nye will be coming to Nat’s this year well prepared with a Spring filled with NorCal High School Cycling League racing under his belt. This year we’re super excited because of this!  Jake will be a race age 16 years old and racing in the 15-16 age class.  With another years worth of training, growth and development, and having had won last year’s 15-16 year old National Championship Title we feel extremely confident coming into this year’s National Championship Race!  On the Road side, I’m stoked to be able to see the Team keep progressing their fitness to race in higher Categories and against a higher quality of of adult and Junior race Competition.  Hopefully, in spite of not having a Road Team behind us we can still come away with some coveted victories!  Stayed tuned in!  It should be a barn-burner!

We would appreciate your support our Sponsors.  Their continued support makes our Racing possible! Full Speed Ahead, Panaracer, Shimano, Primal Wear, Yakima, Vision, Osprey Packs, Slime, Genuine Innovations, Sidi, Xpedo, Ergon and White Lightning.  Special thanks new 2016 sponsors: KHS Bicycles, Forcefield Body Armour, Clif Bar and 9point8 Dropper Posts!  KHS-Red-Black-White-LogoForcefield_Logo_20149point8-Logo-LargeC_HORZ



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