Blessings From Nature – Jake’s Blog

Ever since I was young I have always loved being out in nature.  I enjoy the amazing scenery, the animals and the adventures that the wilderness has to offer!  Being out in nature makes me happy and all the fun I have there has me addicted!  Over my many years of enjoying nature I’ve come to realize that being involved in the nature is not only fun, but is important for your mental and physical well being.  There are so many benefits to getting out and enjoying nature!

Planet Earth is an awe-inspiring place!  It’s unique ecosystems and extreme beauty have amazed me for years!  Mountain ecosystems are my favorite.  I’ve seen things like an Elk trotting through the forest, beautiful meadows filled with wildflowers blowing in the wind, sparkling waterfalls tumbling over granite boulders and Autumn forests of deciduous trees with red, yellow and orange leaves!

Earth’s extravagant beauty is so  brilliant that it sometimes makes me sigh!  Planet Earth has dozens upon dozens of ecosystems, each with its own unique animals and vegetation!  So wherever you live, get out and explore, because what you see could be priceless!

I’ve seen some extremely cool things during my many adventures, and what I saw during my hike near Arch Canyon in southwestern Utah was definitely priceless!  Arch Canyon is a 20 mile long, 1,000ft deep sandstone erosion in a huge 2000 square mile uplift.  We started our hike around 8:00am and I was super excited that our hike was finally underway!  As we trekked up Arch Canyon I admired the Cottonwood Trees bright firery leaves and the beautiful, towering sandstone cliffs as they shone an orange/red color from the early morning sun.

We hiked 2 miles up Arch Canyon til’ we reached its little brother, a large, 5 mile long side canyon.  The beginning of the canyon  was flat, dry and sandy for about a mile before it turned into a steep, huge boulder field!  The small car to dump truck sized boulders made climbing up the canyon an awesome adventure!  I felt like a cat as I jumped from boulder to boulder and scrambled over loose rocks!

 Once we came to the top of the boulder field we found ourselves face to face with a huge pour off!  Since the pour off was at least 100ft tall we had no choice but to climb around it to reach the top!  The side of the canyon had boulders and dirt piled against the cliff wall which offered a difficult, but exciting way up!   So after a few minutes of sweating, climbing and groaning we finally reached the top of the pour off!  The view of the beautiful Cottonwood Tree’s Autumn colors down below us in the canyon was great.  When I turned around I could see the top of the canyon!  It filled me with excitement and I eagerly began hiking again!  As we walked along the canyon’s wash bottom we looked up and saw an amphitheater in the cliff face! Our past experiences told us that since the overhang faced south there was a good chance of finding Indian Ruins in it!  Since the overhang was at least 50 feet above the wash bottom we decided to climb up the steep side slope, and with the help of a few trees and bushes we reached the cliff face!  After a few minutes of walking along the green and orange Lichen covered cliff face we came to the large but low overhang!

  I stood at the edge of the overhang and surveyed the area, I didn’t notice any ruins, but something seemed unnatural about the floor!  So, after a few seconds my instinct to explore got the best of me!  I dashed around the floor, excited to explored the area!  As I explored, I kept seeing huge square shaped rock slabs, I was wondering why they were shaped like that when my Dad excitedly yelled “Jake and Nye come look at this”.  I ran over and saw a small round Indian ruin half buried in dirt!  I looked inside and saw that unlike Anasazi ruins that were built from rocks stacked atop each other, this ruin was built from the big rock slabs stood up on end!  Later we learned that the ruin was between 1,600 and 2,000 years old.  The way that the Indians had turned the slab rocks upright was the oldest form of building stone structures in that area!  After we took some pictures we climbed out of the canyon and started back to our camp site.  On our way back our Dad twisted his ankle twice so we had to stop a while to let him rest.  By the time we had finally made it back to camp it was nearly dark!  Even though we hiked back to our camp during dusk and I was afraid of being chased by a wild animal, our hike was extraordinary and I earned a priceless memory that I will always have!  Our 12 mile hike turned out to be an awesome adventure!

Getting out and exploring nature is a great way to mentally de-stress and stay happy.  While hiking and climbing on rocks is a awesome way to stay fit and physical healthy!  There are hundreds of places to explore from towering mountains to high altitude deserts!  So wherever you live, get out and enjoy nature, because remember, what you see could be priceless!


Recharging. – Nye’s Blog

IMG_7557Each season of racing is very hard.  Since we worked so hard have a recharging off-season is a must.   Our trip to ride the 18 Road, Lunch Loops and Kokopelli trail systems in Grand Junction was perfect for that goal. The three trail systems have everything you could ask for to relax and enjoy Mountain Biking to its fullest.  Zippy-do-da is fast and flowing!  Joe’s Ridge for the flowy berms and thrilling jumps!  The Holy Cross, Moore Fun, and Horsethief Bench trails were my favorite because they were rocky, technical and Rad!!!   Mary’s Loop and Butterknife make you feel your on a spectacular adventure.  Our coach knew that recharging for the next year was important and our trip Grand Junction was a great way to do that.

IMG_7436All of the trails in Grand Junction are super fun and recharging.  On the first day in Grand Junction we rode at the 18 Road trails. We rode: Prime Cut, PBR, Zipity Do-Da, Joe’s Ridge and Mojoe.   Prime Cut was a mellow trail to ride up, it twisted through the juniper trees, up washbeds and climbed up to the base of the Bookcliffs.   While riding up it all I could think about was how excited I was for my 2016 Freshmen race year in NorCal High School Cycling League.  Joe’s Ridge, Mojoe and PBR trails were really fun, they were full of jumps, rollers and berms.  I threw in a couple tricks like: tailwips and bike twists.  We rode one jump multiple times because it was so fun.  Inside I was screaming with excitement, I was sooo looking forward to racing more!!!   Zipity Do-Da trail is on a giant ridge.  The trail was like a roller coaster and  I was tempted to throw my arms up in the air. At one spot the trail swooped left and went straight down off the ridge.  I had so much fun riding it that I couldn’t wait for more!

IMG_7522We rode the Lunch Loop trails on days 3 and 4.   The Butterknife Trail was really cool because it followed the cliff line of several canyons!   The trail reminded me of some of the Enduro courses that I was really looking forward to riding again.  Most of the trail was full of loose rocks and some sections were on slickrock.


When we made it back to the Trailhead, Jake and I wanted to have some more fun.  So we rode the Pre-Nup and Holy Cross trails, they are 2 very technical trails. Pre-Nup was full of rocks and obstacles.  One part of the trail had two super sharp, technical switchbacks that were unridable (right now) for me and most Bikers.  Holy Cross brought back so many memories, learning how to ride the gnar when I was a 10 year old kid.  I love these trail systems so much, the next day when we were starting our ride I was about to burst from excitement!   The Tabeguache trail was like one of the cross country courses in California.   It had some technical sections and zigzagged up the hill.   There were lots of good views of the Bookcliffs and the Grand Mesa too.We also rode the Holy Cross, Holey Bucket, Clunker, Miramonte Rim Loop and Left Over Lane Trails which twisted through juniper and pinion trees, boulder fields and paralleled escarpments.  Fun, fun, fun!


The Kokopelli trail system is a family favorite because most of the trails parallel the mighty Colorado River.  Scenery and trail love abound!   I love the Horsethief Bench trail. It’s so unique, it has a mix of technical and fast flowy sections of trail on a bench next to the Colorado River.  The trail traversed down a rockslide to get down to the bench.  I made it about halfway before it was too challenging.  Jake made it all of the way down which is amazing accomplishment.  I was thankful for the Enduro race skills I gained last season because I could ride spots that I wasn’t able to before.  I am even more excited to race because I can get more of those skills and I can ride all kinds of new things.  Once we’d ridden Horsethief Bench we rode out Mary’s Loop trail.  Jake and I went to ride the Moore Fun trail to get back while our parents rode Steves Loop and went back the road.  It was one steep, technical climb to get to the top of the ridge.  The trail was rad and probably the toughest XC trail out there!  Once I reached the top I got rewarded with a spectacular view.  It was 360° of beauty, the Bookcliffs in the north, The Grand Mesa in the east and the Colorado Monument in the south.  The descent off the ridge was fun and technical.  Making most of the technical sections really built up my confidence.  IMG_7561We rode Lions Loop and Mack’s Ridge trails on the last day.  Lions Loop weaved through boulders above the Colorado River.  My eyes were about to pop because of the beautiful red sandstone cliffs and the autumn colored leaves on the Cottonwood trees.  Mack’s Ridge is another one of the hardest trails I had ever ridden.  It was really fun though.   Once I reached the top of the ridge I felt like I was a bird flying because the trail was fast and flowy.  There was a short hike-a-bike to get off the ridge then it was a sweet descent back to the car.

We had so much fun!  All of the trails were very exciting so our trip to Grand Junction was a great way to get recharged.  After the trip, I was like a fully charged battery, I was so excited to start racing again!   I will be anticipating a great year of racing in 2016.   Just remember that a recharging off-season is important, so take a trip to your favorite riding place.  You’ll be recharged and ready to race.IMG_7413

Oh Yeah………….. A New Year!

imageThe Yackle Brothers Racing Team had a super successful 2015 season:  in road racing where we continued to refine and define our fitness abilities, in the exploding NorCal High School League with 2nd at State Championships in Junior Varsity, in the widely popular new race discipline of Enduro where both Nye and Jake came away with 2015 Point Series Podiums, and in our bread and butter discipline of XC where we claimed the Yackle Brothers Racing Team’s 4th National Championship Title! FullSizeRender 8 years success has the Team stoked and very excited for the 2016 season!  In the NorCal High School League, the Varsity Racers have proven year in and year out that they are the fastest Junior racers in the Nation and that level talent is represent across the entire League!  Although Jake will be racing High School Seniors that are as old as 19, he is setting his goals high!  Nye will eek into age eligibility, but just, as a young race age 14 yr old!  We still expect him to battle for the podium in the High School Freshmen Class filled with race age 15 and 16 yr olds!   Both have goals to make it on the podium at each race, while, I know that, because of their young ages, getting top 10 finishes would be awesome results.  Next, we will start racing in some crazy fun Enduro races!  IMG_7719Our goals for Enduro’s this year are to be consistently, podium competitive with the 18 year old juniors in our Sport and Junior Classes, to improve on our last years results and make it into the top five or higher each race!  As the season progresses, the one thing that will have us sitting on the edge of our seats in excitement is waiting for The USA Cycling XC National Championships!  Unlike last year’s Spring XC season when Nye sat idle, because he was too young for the NorCal High School Cycling League,  Nye will be coming to Nat’s this year well prepared with a Spring filled with NorCal High School Cycling League racing under his belt. This year we’re super excited because of this!  Jake will be a race age 16 years old and racing in the 15-16 age class.  With another years worth of training, growth and development, and having had won last year’s 15-16 year old National Championship Title we feel extremely confident coming into this year’s National Championship Race!  On the Road side, I’m stoked to be able to see the Team keep progressing their fitness to race in higher Categories and against a higher quality of of adult and Junior race Competition.  Hopefully, in spite of not having a Road Team behind us we can still come away with some coveted victories!  Stayed tuned in!  It should be a barn-burner!

We would appreciate your support our Sponsors.  Their continued support makes our Racing possible! Full Speed Ahead, Panaracer, Shimano, Primal Wear, Yakima, Vision, Osprey Packs, Slime, Genuine Innovations, Sidi, Xpedo, Ergon and White Lightning.  Special thanks new 2016 sponsors: KHS Bicycles, Forcefield Body Armour, Clif Bar and 9point8 Dropper Posts!  KHS-Red-Black-White-LogoForcefield_Logo_20149point8-Logo-LargeC_HORZ