An Awf-some, Off-Season!!! – Nye’s Blog

IMG_5789In 2013 we tried bicycling all year long.  Many do it, but it just didn’t fit for Us.   In the beginning of the 2014 race season at several races including the Pro XCT’s in So. California we were falling behind the pace of the racers we usually contended with.  Our Coach knew our legs were tired and fatigued from riding year-round.  At the end of the season that year we took a 2 month break from cycling and have never looked back.  I’ve seen the results of taking a off season break and its very beneficial.

IMG_3181Taking a off-season break is great because I get a big chuck of time to relax.  Since we’re not training for bicycling we have “full-time” to enjoy life off our bike.  There’s more opportunity for us to celebrate the Holidays, as we are not tasked with pursuing another race, another title and a continuous quest for results.  We make some home cooked meals and do some fun activities together.  An off-season break gives our muscles a chance to fully recover too.  If we ride all year long our muscles plateau.   An off-season break lets our muscles rebuild and be able to get ready for the next build.

IMG_8249We do different sports and activities during our off-season break.   Football, Basketball and Badminton are a few of the different sports we play.   Football is really fun, we throw the ball, kick it and run pass patters.    We enjoy some winter activities like: Snowshoeing and Snowball Fights.   Snowball fights are my favorite.  Our family’s together, playing and having fun.    It’s great taking a couple month break, we can engross in some really cool sports.

IMG_7610During our off-season we did a couple new, exciting activities.  While we were visiting our grandma in Denver we went Bowling.  It was really fun!  I learned that to be good you have to continuously have good form and have pin-point accuracy.   A couple times I was able to knock over all of the pins.  During one game my mom knocked all of the pins over 4 times in a row!   Right before the end of our break, we went to a race electric go-carts.   It was one of the coolest things I had ever done!  The go carts could go up to 45mph and the track we raced them on was like a small version of a Formula 1 track.  One lap I went really fast into a corner, let off the gas completely, hit the brake hard and drifted around the corner.  I lined up perfectly for the straightaway and gained lots of distance on my brother.  That was the most unique and exciting thing we did during our off-season break!

IMG_7604I wouldn’t want to ever race full time, year after year!  My muscles get fatigued and tired and I never feel like I am gaining progress, like I do when I take am off-season break.  Taking a break is fun, there’s lots of cool things to do and I get more casual time with my family.   Just remember, a off-season break is the right thing to do!


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