“team” not Team – Nye’s Blog

Sea Otter 164Whenever I turn on a Sports show on TV it seems like I see as much of the sponsors as I do the athletes. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t see these shows on TV without Sponsors. They pay for the TV broadcast costs, promote the events, donate products and/or money and that’s why the commentators are constantly promoting the event sponsors. Our Sponsors are as vital to our Team. They are as much part of our team as I and Jake are and directly contribute to our race career success.

IMG_6721Sponsors can provide the means to race, the components, products, and the support needed for travel across the country. For Yackle Brothers Racing, we wouldn’t race without our sponsors, because my parents just can’t afford to buy bikes and gear, plus all of the race event costs. So we propose to sponsors that we exchange work for product. We perform marketing (social media, webpage, race event and community service) for our sponsors and in return they provide us with: bikes, gear, components and clothing. Working hard at Racing for 8 years, we’ve been able to eek out a bit more of our teams needs.

IMG_6478Sponsors also give us the ability to develop a good future by expanding our friend/contacts base. With our sponsors support we are able go to race events and meet: friends from the sport, people in the industry and pro racers. Interbike is one of the most important events, we’ve met many important bicycle industry figures there and pro racers like: Cam Zink, Gary Fisher, Greg Lemond and many more. We also meet people in the bike industry at big race events such as Sea Otter Classic. This year nearly every American pro racer participated and we were able to meet Nino Schurter, pro 450 Motocross Racer Justin Barsha and many other pros. There were lots of important people from bicycle companies we were able to meet as well. Without our sponsors support, our team wouldn’t be able race and hence, not travel to these events and meet these great people. Friends and contacts are what life is about!

IMG_3490It’s great when I’m at a race event and my Sponsors are there, they give me so much awesome support. They encourage me so much and congratulate me after my race.  Sponsors offer to tune up my bike, bleed my brakes, check tire pressure and clean and lube my chain.  At one Enduro race I broke a part and Shimano was super supportive with our sponsorship agreement and provide me a replacement.  I love being at events with my sponsors, I have added motivation to race my hardest to impress them.

IMG_6724We really appreciate the support from our great sponsors: Full Speed Ahead/Vision, Shimano, Marin Bikes, Yakima Racks, Primal Wear, Panaracer Tires, Osprey Packs, Sidi Shoes, Slime Products, Genuine Innovations, Ergon, Xpedo Pedals, Lauf Forks, Marzocchi, MET Helmets, White Lightning Lubricants and Light and Motion Bike Lights.

IMG_4242Our “team” really benefits from the support our of sponsors. Our sponsors give us the means to race, without them our race career would exist. Our Team wouldn’t exist!  Yackle Brothers Racing knows just how important sponsors are.  We know, for our Team, if you want to have a race event or a race career, it wouldn’t be possible without a “team”!


Family, nothing is more important! – Jake’s Blog

IMG_0541My career with The Yackle Brothers Racing Team has been a huge adventure and success! It wouldn’t have been possible without my Mom and Dad, their unwavering and awesome support of Nye and I is one reason we are so successful. I have a super devoted and awesome family. So where do they come from?  Supportive families don’t just happen, my parents had to learn what it took to have family values.

My parents learned about family values from their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and on down the line.IMG_7604 So my parents have strong family values because their parents and grandparents must have had strong family values too. Children learn to have family values, because they are passed down from generation to generation. Each generation teaches their children and grandchildren how to be good people and to always be respectful and loving to their family.  I know that because my grandparents are very loving of their family. My grandparents are always encouraging and complimenting us and our family! They taught my parents to have family values, to be selfless, to help their family and friends, and to be loving and devoted to their family.

The selfless activities that my Mom and Dad perform every day make it evident to me how well they have raised me and Nye. It is one of a kind! My Mom is so dedicated to Us that she wakes up at 2:30am and often works 12 hours a day 6 days a week to fund our Family and supplement our Racing while she also completes chores around the house to help take care of our family. She even performs the logistical needs for our race team, like arranging travel accommodations and race registrations! She’s are most fanatical Fan!DSC03671 Our Dad is the key to our race team! He’s the team Director, mechanic, trainer, and coach! He is also our homeschool teacher! He’s what makes The Yackle Brothers Racing Team so professional! He spends multiple hours each day to writing sponsorship emails and proposals to companies and promotes our sponsors on social media sites! Our Mom and Dad have worked really hard for Us and have raised Us to respect family values, to be loving to our family, to be well grounded, respectful and friendly to others!

IMG_4876I’m so thankful that my parents, grandparents and great grandparents taught me the importance of family values. I’m also so thankful for the hard work they performed to make us a great family, and I want to be just like them when I grow up!