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IMG_6994So far in my race career there have been so many events that have been incredible. This has been a super unique year, this is the first year we’ve raced gravity sports, but there is one thing that is amazing in retrospect.  As far back as I can remember we’ve been inspiring kids, teenagers and even adults.  Our trip to Interbike turned out to be a special one because I was reminded just how much we inspire others..

Horny Toad 073Looking back 4 years ago when we still lived in Cortez, Colorado our Team went to race at the Whiskey Off Road.  There, we met Phil Thomas for the first time. He was so impressed that he was racing side by side with Jake to the finish line that he had to show his six-year-old son Siddy our Facebook page and tell him what great kids and mountain bike racers we were. He told us that really motivated Siddy to start riding. Through that, we stayed friends and kept in contact.

IMG_6692Again in 2013 Phil reached out to us and asked if we could send an old Yackle Brothers race kit for Siddy to remind him to ride with passion. We knew that, the one we sent inspired Siddy, as we saw Phil proudly posting riding photos of how stoked Siddy was.




At Interbike this year it hit me just how big of an influence our Team has become to others.  Since, we gave Siddy our Jersey, we learned that recently Siddy had lost his passion for riding!  Phil, once again drew upon our help.  Phil had excused Siddy from a couple of days of school and had driven all the way from Phoenix to the Outdoor Demo, just so Siddy could ride and interact with us.

IMG_6602I was amazed how important and influential Phil thought we were to his son.  We rode bikes together and taught Siddy a few skills.  Phil went out of his way to stay at the same hotel as us just so Siddy could play with us in the pool and talk with us, once we finished our work day at Interbike. I’m blessed to know that our team is making a difference!  We’re doing more than just racing, we’re helping out our community, motivating kids to ride and inspiring them to have a passion for bicycling.

A few other short stories:


IMG_1150The Boggs NorCal High School League race this year I encouraged Taylor one of the Coaches daughters, from the Cycling Development Team to ride bikes. Her sister said she and her parents had been trying to get Taylor to ride but she didn’t until she met me.  Her sister said “she wasn’t sure whether she should punch me or thank me.” I laughed!  I guess I created some new competition there! .

356A few years ago we competed in the USA Cycling Nationals in Sun Valley and met the Fluckigers Family.  They had two kids, Adam and Dylan.  They raced a just times, but after they learned we competed in race events half of the year, and the awesome places we went to, they were really motivated to race more!  The next day we both won the National Championships, and Adam said “I can’t wait to be like you guys and win Nationals”.  I hoped they would stay inspired, race hard and Have Fun!!!

interbike 008One of the coolest things that happened this year was when we were at Interbike, we bumped into the Hepners, they own VeloSoul Cyclery  He stopped us and said , “your Yackle Brothers Racing right?”, I nodded.  He said he followed us on Facebook and saw all of the things we were doing.  He showed his three-year old son what we do and he idolize’s us. . . And Danny McCaskill, too.  I almost dropped dead!   Someone was idolizing us along with Danny, I never thought that day would come so soon!  It was Amazing!!!  That was the coolest thing that happened all year!

Oak Flats 024Now that I think back on It, the Yackle Brothers Racing Team has inspiried cool and unique juniors from around the Nation since 2010. Many of the juniors liked us because we were unique too, we were young and fast. On the outside they saw two who raced their hardest, on the inside they saw two people with good character and were inspired to be just like that! Our parents taught us to always do everything the best we could, and to always be friendly and to treat others with respect! They were intrigued at how much skill we had at our young age! We showed them that anything is possible if you try really hard!



Full Tilt Telluride 051Inspiring people to ride and race is the best thing, it’s so fun and you get to meet all of these great kids who look up to you!  When I started racing my Parents and Grandparents always told me to race my hardest, never give up and treat others well.  I’ve endeavered to do that throughout my racing career and kids have been inspired by me to ride and race bicycles.


Enduro It’s A Merry Go-Round Of Skills – Nye’s Blog

imageThis year racing Enduro has been very helpful, it’s helping us improve in Road and Cross Country racing.  In order to get better in Enduro racing we are active in Dual Slalom, Dirt Jumping, Riding Flow Lines, Pump Tracking and Downhill Trail Riding.  It’s been fun and has shown me skills and techniques which I need to apply to Enduro and my other disciplines of racing too!

imageRacing Enduro is helping me with a number of things racing and also helping me with my riding techniques.  In the past, as I descended I now know that I leaned way to far forward on my handlebars.  I’ve learned now to center my weight over my pedals so when I hit a bump I won’t go flying over the bars. I am also learning to develop a sense of urgency when racing my Enduro courses. My Coach asked me to break the trail into several small segments so I could more easily mentally focus on sprinting and braking throughout the segment.

imageMy coach has always taught me to manage my bike but the high speeds and difficulty of Enduro racing has shown me just how important managing my bike is, so I’m able to cross the finish line and hold on to my Series Standing position.   I learned that the hard way at one of my Enduro races I didn’t pay attention to where I put my wheel through a section of rocks and I blew a tire, broke a dérailleur and snapped a few spokes.  Up until this race I had finished every race I was in, but I just didn’t realize then how much more IMPORTANT managing my bike in Enduro races was!  Being prepared is vital for racing Enduro, having all of your tools and spare parts with you is very important. At our last Enduro race we didn’t finish putting our spare Wheelset together.  The night before the race we set up our new Full Speed Ahead SLK Wheelset with tires, but we didn’t put our rotors and cassettes on.  In order to be fully prepared for our Enduro race we ended up finishing our work before our nine o’clock race start.    That caused a lot of stress that morning, and I know that we didn’t perform as well because as we would have without all of that.  The list of things that you need to be prepared for is endless and I know that not being prepared has detrimental effects.   So remember to have all of the phases of your racing preparation covered, it’ll save you from being stressed, getting a DNF in a race, ruining your point series placing, getting injured, breaking your bike and costing you a lot of money.

imageEnduro has proven very helpful for my other race disciplines. Racing Enduro has helped me improve my descending when I’m racing Cross Country.  I get training for Cross Country during the transfers in Enduro too.   We started racing Dual Slalom just recently and Its helped me work on going my fastest down the course.  Participating in Dual Slalom and doing Dirt Jumping, Pump Tacking and Downhill Trail riding is building our skills and helping us immensely in all of our other disciplines!  It’s like a circle, everything helps you improve your skills and fitness in another racing discipline.

image I’m learning things from racing Enduro; it helps me find flaws in my form, improves my skills, requires me to manage my bike, and teaches me to develop more urgency during races. Additionally it teaches me about managing my bike and being prepared.  I want to thank my great parents and my sponsors for supporting us and making our race career possible!

Safety First- Jake’s Blog

imageOver my 8 years of racing I’ve been taught by my Dad that being safe is the top priority, because if you aren’t you could end up seriously injured or dead and have a very unexpected life in the future! Being safe keeps me healthy and confident that I will be able to Enjoy the rest of my life!  So over my many years of racing, and wide varieties of riding I’ve experienced multiple ways to stay safe while: XC, Road and Enduro racing and riding.

IMG_4635Staying Safe XC Racing: I feel XC Racing and Riding is the least dangerous discipline of the three we race, because you don’t carry as much speed as you do while Road or Enduro racing and crashing won’t be because of someone else! What I do to stay safe while XC Biking is to ride within my limits, by not doing any crazy jumps or riding something my bike can’t handle. If you choose to, you can ride with protective gear while XC riding, though most of the time XC trails aren’t dangerous enough to                                                                                      .                                                                                need them.

IMG_5206Staying Safe Enduro Racing: Enduro racing is the second most dangerous of the three. The nature of Enduro racing allows for use of Protectives, unlike during Road and XC! To stay safe we put on elbow and knee pads, full face helmets and goggles. They also have chest, neck and back protectors. These are great for protecting you WHEN you crash, not IF you crash because in nearly every crash your elbows and knees are the most at the most risk for injury. I love full face helmets, especially my rippin’ Met Parachute helmet, because WHEN the time comes that I face-plant I’ll be grateful to still be alive and have my face intact!!! The goggles are perfect for keepin’ me seeing straight when I’m eating dust, or when an occasional rock flies straight towards my eye!

IMG_8169Staying Safe Road Biking: In my opinion Road biking is the most dangerous discipline, because there are so many vehicle drivers who don’t pay attention or look where they’re going. That’s just while training, and racing isn’t much different. If you think about it, if you crash during a road race it is almost always because of the people around you, like because the person next to you crossed a wheel or bumped into someone. The things we do to stay safe (and I suggest you do to) when road biking are: staying focused and alert,  training we put on our rad Light and Motion bike lights to keep ourselves extremely visible, along with our with our Awesome Primal Wear Kits we should be impossible to miss! While racing we stay near the front of the peloton where there is the least likely place for a crash and we don’t cross wheels so we are as safe as can be! Those are the best ways I know to stay safe while road biking.

I’ve had dozens and dozens of experiences where I was glad I was prepared to be safe. But if you aren’t safe the consequences can be bad, just last Saturday after an Enduro race a friend of mine was doing a downhill run without protectives and crashed and broke his back! If he would have taken the precautions I was talking about he could have avoided this!  That was a good example of why you should wear Protectives, but if you need another…….. Today I was going fast doing a manual and the bike shot out from underneath me, I slid on knees elbows and stomach, but thanks to my Protectives I didn’t have a single scratch! I probably get more injuries around the house than I do biking! Hmm, maybe I should wear protectives around the house?

IMG_4860So I guess the lesson to be learned is always to err on the side of safety.  Being safe has saved my hide tons of times, and it will save yours too! So next time you go ride, be safe, because if you aren’t there might not be a next time!