Marin Bikes In Downieville—Nye’s Blog

imagePrevious visits to Downieville have been great, the trails were super fun and the people were very friendly.  We’ve done training camps similar to this one before.  I’m going to tell you about our weekend training on our Marin Bikes in Downieville and all the fun we had!

imageTraining for The Downieville Classic was a blast!  I was looking forward to riding the trails for a long time! The trails there are super fast and have lots of technical features on them.  There’s a little of every style on the trails, flowing, rocky, optional jumps and several sections with water flowing down them.  So basically the trails were RAD!!!  I shredded down the trails thanks to my sweet Marin CXR 29er Hardtail Cross Country Bike!  Everyone their rides a full suspension bike on the course, but my Team Director felt that I would benefit from riding a hardtail and gain time over the entire course rather than just those few section technical sections where one or few seconds a full suspension bike might gain here or there on the descent.  Riding my Marin CXR Hardtail also has helped polish skills because I couldn’t just barrel down the trail without watching out for obstacles like I can more easily do on a full suspension.   I had to maneuver through rock gardens and bunny hop roots.  We stopped at several spots to find optional lines and practice them.  I think I should be well dialed for the race.

imageSince he is racing the All Mountain class (which includes separate Cross Country and Downhill Courses) Jake is riding his Marin Attack Trail Enduro Bike and he was tearing up the trails during our practice camp.  He still can race up the climbs really fast!   From watching him behind going down the descents and from what he told me after the ride his bike was fantastic, racing through rock gardens and jumping over roots super well!   He said it glided around corners and kept his momentum, jumping off of roots and ledges was simple, I could see that!

imageThere are lots of fun things to do in the Downieville area, right where we camped at Union Flat Campground there was a great swimming hole.  In the middle of the river there was a big boulder and we jumped off of it into the river!  We enjoyed that!  We saw people dredging for gold in the river.  That looked cool.  In Downieville we stopped by 49 wines to say hi to our friend Will Clark, my parents enjoyed a couple of beers while we had some ice cream.  We had a good time talking with him and walking around.  Our dog Rex had a great time too, chasing squirrels and chipmunks around the campground.  He didn’t like the river though.

imageJake and I are really excited to race at Downieville again this year.  I’m going to only race Cross Country because the Experts and Pros are the only ones who can race it.   Last year Jake became the Downieville Champion in the Sport U18 category and 2nd overall in sport!  My goal is to follow in his footsteps and become this year’s Sport U18 Downieville Classic Champion!

imageDoing training at Downieville was super fun.  We believe that the Marin CXR Hardtail is a perfect choice for the Cross Country and because they threw in a 20 mile downhill race based on the results for the Cross Country race the Marin Attack Trail Enduro Bike was perfect for that.  I just love going to Downieville, the trails are fantastic, the people are nice and the river is super fun and cooling.


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