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Shredding Enduro races and tearing up Trails!  The stuff Mountain Biking dreams are made of and Osprey Packs, one of our great sponsors just made it easier with their brand new Zealot Enduro Pack!  Enduro is challenging and fun to race!  It builds technical skills but if you’re not careful,  it comes with a price, you might end up on the side of the trail with a broken bike and body.IMG_0812

IMG_1265This year we started racing Enduro to rebuild our technical skills that have been dormant since our days of living in Southwestern Colorado! California XC racing though fun are really on nontechnical courses.  We also wanted to explore some new trails and have a lot of fun!  We’ve done 2 Enduro races so far and have had a blast: the Sea Otter Classic Enduro race, which was unique with the awesome downhill course that they made Stage 1.  Stage 4 was Sea Otter Classic’s signature Dual Slalom course!  We also did the Battleborn Enduro Race right here in Reno.  It was so fun finally doing a highly competitive race on our home trails.  Racing Enduro sometimes can come with a price, if you don’t manage your bike properly! That’s where the Osprey Zealot pack shines!  It has the correct design to allow you to store and carry the gear and the tools to fix your Bike in the field. IMG_0815


Now that I’m racing Enduro I have my Osprey Zealot Enduro Pack stuffed with gear in case I have any problems.  I’m pretty good at managing my bike and my body when it comes to flying down the hill.  You need to bring items to protect your body and to repair your bike in case of a mechanical and the Osprey Zealot Enduro Pack is perfect for that.  I carry these items to protect my body and to repair my bike if I have a problem: knee and shin guards, elbow pads, 3 liters of water, tire pump, shock pump, tube, Slime tire levers, co2 cartridges, patch kit, sealant, tire hole plugs, valve stem and inflation head, bike tool, spare dérailleur hanger extra lube and cable, zip ties, goggles and nutrition.

IMG_2406My Osprey Zealot Pack is great for holding all of my gear.  It has a fold out tool pouch for the small parts and repair tools which I have never seen in any other pack!  There is a 3 liter water bag and the cool Airspeed Zone, a ventilation area for your back to cool off during hot rides.  Osprey is a great company with so many friendly, unique and interesting people who have some of the greatest stories to share with you!  We’ve known a lot of the workers at Osprey Packs since we first started racing.  They were the first company to get behind Myself and Jake and then supported Yackle Brothers Racing when it evolved!  This year at The Sea Otter Classic we stopped by the Osprey Packs Booth.  I looked down at my watch and we were talking an entire hour because they were so friendly and outgoing.  I think Osprey is among my favorite sponsors, the workers at Osprey Packs are at another level!!!!  Osprey Packs is an industry leader in the support for Outdoor Conservation and is always involved with Community Service!  Owning an Osprey Pack means you can support this too!

IMG_0817Try racing Enduro and you will be surprised how much different, fun and physically challenging it is!  The Osprey Zealot Enduro Pack is perfect for Enduro racing, stowing all of your gear and it’s so comfortable to ride in!  Osprey Packs is a great company with great products so if you ever get the chance stop by talk with them and try out their products, you’ll be amazed!!!


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