Service to OUR Community-Oh So Important! – Nye’s Blog

imageLots of things are good to do in life!   There are some things that are just fantastic. There are a lot of things that you can work to accomplish.  Community Service is a fun, unique and a good thing to do.  l love doing charitable things and feeling proud of myself because I gave back to people.   Helping out in my community, being a role model for my family, friends and my Sponsors.  Being charitable is very important, it well benefit you and others a lot and is a very good thing to do.

imageJake has been racing the NorCal High School League for 2 years and now he is racing in the Junior Varsity category. Since I can’t race the League until next year I’m loving helping out the NorCal community by volunteering.  I’m doing some fun things like: Podium assistant, staging the racers, being an assistant for the Merchandise booth and many other fun things. Last weekend was the Boggs Mountain NorCal High School League Race.  We saw an occasion that inspired our Team and we were motivated to do a act of Community Service.

imageK. C. Fontes, racing the JV category from the South Conference has lost his right leg due to cancer.   When we saw him racing (2 weeks before) the League and tearing up the trails and that was very inspirational for us.  So we wanted to show him that hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed!  We decided that we we’re going to present him a few items we worked really hard to earn, that reflected our passion and dedication for Cycling. image Jake’s race was Saturday and we usually never stay the second day when the South Conference races, but this time we did so we could be at the post race, Salinas Cowboys team meeting where we presented these items to K.C.. We gave him our last year’s Team Race Jacket, an Osprey Packs Raptor 14 hydration pack, hat, tote bag, coozie, a pair of Panaracer 29er Driver and CG tires, Genuine Innovations tire levers, patch kit, co2 cartridges, an inflation head and X mount. We gave him these items to inspire him to always work hard and never give up!  That really inspired us and I think kids should look up to K. C. as a Hero!

imageOur family and Team has been involved in community service all our lives.  In 2012 we fundraised around 7,000 dollars for the Livestrong Foundation to help people who had cancer and that was a great thing to do as a Team.  It was weeks of Hard work, but well worth it’s!

imageWe’ve helped many local trail crews build new trails and repair old ones.  We recently worked onrepairing the Truckee Bike Jump Park and now 2 months later it looks like it’s alive again!  Once we moved to Reno in 2013 we visited the Renown Children’s Hospital and gave out some of our sponsors products, talked with the kids and that definitely brightened their day!

imageWe participate in the Major Taylor Program.  The Reno Bike Project helps at-risk-kids from all across Reno and the area get on bicycles to stay fit and healthy while enjoying nature.  It’s a great program for the big community of Reno.  It also teaches them what is safe while you riding, all of the traffic laws and they do really fun rides!

imageI think K. C. is an great example of why we do all of the charitable things we do.  He is a amazing person and people should be inspired for helping other people because he/anyone can be a Hero, some just need a little encouragement to be!  Always be charitable and give back to other people, you’re a better person if you can do that, you’ll feel proud you did and the people you help will too.


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