NorCal High School League, Let The Good Times Ride-Jake’sBlog

DimageSo what makes the NorCal High School League so, unique, fun and inspirational? The best things out the NorCal High School League is that they help get kids on bikes and help them have their hard work pay off! What I also like about the NorCal High School League is that the people are super friendly and ready to have a good time. Racing against them is fun because there are so many High School Athletes to race and it really makes you push yourself.

FUN: My favorite part about the racing aspect of the NorCal High School League is hanging out with the other racers before and after the race. It is so fun talking, and it helps me be more relaxed for my upcoming race and to have a great time!

imageAnother thing that I like about racing in the NorCal High School League is that, because there are so many racers, over 850 in NorCal, and between 60-90 in Junior Varsity (division 2).  Given my age, It’s inevitable that there are going to be people who are as fast as you. Many Pro Cyclocross racers, Cross Country Mountain Bike Racers and Road Bike Racers once raced in the High School Leagues across the country.  That is how fast you can get racing in the League and I think that makes for a super competitive and challenging race!!




UNIQUE: The NorCal High School League is also great about bringing people together.imageAll of the Teams are having a good time and the racers, even if they didn’t have the race they  hoped for, they are always happy. The League is also helpful for team work, so many people, like Nye, our Mom, our Dad and Myself and many others volunteer and work together as course marshals, race stagers, scoring assistants ect. At the end of the season, NorCal had a Podium to recognize the volunteers.  I thought was great because without the volunteers thy couldn’t hold these race events! Since Nye couldn’t race In the High School League this year he volunteered many times at the races. At the conference championships, when they called Nye up to the podium, he looked super happy.  It was great that they recognized the volunteers for their hard work!!!image  Having hard work pay off is an awesome feeling, and the NorCal High School League is defiantly the place to have your hard recognized.




INSPIRATIONAL:                                      The proof of how the NorCal High School League gets people on bikes is a boy named K.C. Fontes.image After the 4th NorCal race we read the race recap and saw that there was a boy ( K.C. ) that completed the entire Petaluma race with one leg!  We found that super inspirational, so we met him at the next NorCal race and presented to him some items that he could use to purse his dreams of racing bikes.


By presenting him items we worked hard to earn (Genuine Innovatons Inflation products, Panaracer XC Tires, a Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Bike Pack and our 2014 Yackle Brothers Racing Team Race Jacket) We wanted to remind him that his racing Dedication, pays off!!!!!  


Racing in the NorCal High School League is great. If you want to: meet lots of great people, get this generation, and the next on bikes, have a super fun race, and know that you hard work will pay off, then you should get a High School League started in your area!


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