Sweet Sea Otter – Nye’s Blog

imageThere are some cool race events around the country but there is just one that stands above the others. The Sea Otter Classic is an outstanding event with a variety of fun things to do and friendly people to meet.

imageWe’ve been going to the Sea Otter Classic for 4 years and have had a great time each of those years. No other event is as fun and unique as Sea Otter. If you’re competitive they have a variety of races: Road, Mountain or Cyclocross Bikes you can compete in the Circuit, Road, Cross Country, Enduro, Downhill, Dual Slalom or Grand Fondo races. It’s so cool that most of the races start and finish on the Laguna Seca Raceway and the Circuit Race goes around the entire racetrack. The downhill course was rad, it descended off the hill the raceway was on and down into the valley, and it was full of jumps, sweeping banked turns and steep grades. At the end of the course there were 5 super fun tabletops to jump and a couple of tail-whips if you wanted to be fancy.

imageI am super stoked with my results, I placed 22nd in my first ever Enduro Race and the category was 18 and under! I also placed 6th in the Cross Country Juniors 14 and under. I’m so proud of myself!

imageThe Expo is amazing! The vendors put on some cool events each day. Specialized had built a pump track in the expo for little kids and another for some more experienced riders. In that same area Oakley had a sprint challenge and the winner would get some sort of prize. Clif Bar had two awesome events. On Friday they put on a barbecue and clunker crit up in the Grand Prix Campground in the same loop that we were staying in. In the clunker crit they had four fixie, pedal brake bikes that you raced around a little loop that Clif Bar had set up, plus the winner would get a new bike! At their booth in the expo they had food and a little band playing in the grass area which was a great time, meet new friends and talk to old ones.

imageOne booth set up a jump were you ride down a ramp as fast as you can and jump into a giant airbag, I’m sure people loved that one! Lots of vendors had beer happy hour for the adults most afternoons. FSA, Kenda and Kool Stop had trials riding performances several times and that was really cool to watch. Vittorio Brumontti performed on a road bike for FSA, I mean a Road Bike! He rode along a 7 foot long 3″ wide pole 5 feet off the ground without falling off, that was amazing!

imageWe met so many cool, friendly and interesting people at Sea Otter this year! We finally met multi time world champion XC racer Nino Schurter! I was so excited I almost started jumping up and down! We also met pro 450 motocross racer Justin Barcia at the Shimano booth and got a picture with him which was totally awesome!

imageWe also talked with some of the pro races we’d met before like: Todd Wells, Howard Grotts, Emily Batty, Meredith Miller, Geoff Kabush, Mitch Hoke, Lea Davision and many others. We had a great time talking with the people at our sponsors: Jeff Fox, Tim Baker, Joe Lawill, Matt Van Enkevort, Chris Holmes, Mike Lawless, Matt Brown, Jeff Kerkov, Patrick Piller, Dustin Brady, Joe Bowman, Casey Mena, Jeff Zell, Ken Yamakoshi and Derek Goltz and more. I was really happy getting to talk to my Sponsors about how the seasons going so far and sharing stories with them, and they are great people which makes it even more interesting talking with them.

imageWe met a couple of new people walking around the expo making new contacts; Benedikt from Lauf Forks who also raced on Sunday, Eric from Met Helmets who we had a great time-sharing stories with and Saris from Kali Protectives. At the Marin booth we met and got a picture with the Safeway Airgas road cycling team. Marin even gave my parents a couple of bottles of beer for them to enjoy too. Our neighbors in the Grand Pri Campground were really cool, they were going to race their tandem bike in the race which was very interesting!

imageIt was nice to see these vendors doing these cool events for everybody to enjoy and that is one thing that will get your event very popular. The Sea Otter Classic is definitely one great, fun, exciting and unique event and a great place if you want to meet outstanding people and have fun too!  I can’t wait to come back next year and race the Enduro again and of course, enjoy the Expo and meet some new people.  Also a special thanks to my Sponsors: FSA, Shimano, Marin Bikes, Yakima Racks, Sidi Shoes, Primal Wear, Osprey Packs, Marzocchi Suspension, Panaracer Tires, Ergon Bike Ergonomics, Slime, White Lightning Lubricants, Genuine Innovations, VDO Cyclo-computers, Xpedo Pedals, Light and Motion Bike Lights and Velo Reno Bike Shop, I couldn’t do it without you and my parents!


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