People + Bikes + Great Experiences = MARIN BIKES! – Jake’s Blog

imageIn all of my 10 years of riding and racing I have never ridden on better bikes and raced for a better company than Marin Bikes. If you want to ride the best bikes and get to know great people, then Marin Bikes is for you! Not only do their bikes perform at outstandin imageg levels on all terrain, the people who work Marin Bikes, are very kind, friendly and outgoing!

Like many have to do in the bike industry we were looking for a new bike sponsor for the 2015 season.  Marin Bikes, being the Awesome company they are, stepped forward to support us on our path to success. Another example of how awesome the employees at Marin Bikes are is when I was racing the first few NorCal High school League races on my Enduro Race Bike I was having difficulty contesting the win, so we contacted Marin bikes and asked if they could set us up with a Hardtail race bike. Even though I was doing great on the Marin Attack Trail CXT-9 and steadily moving up to the top 10 and racing my way to a 5th place podium and a 5th overall in NorCal High School League. The coach of the biggest High School team kept telling me “you need to get on a Hardtail” so we contacted Marin Bikes, and Chris Holmes, because he was so kind and understanding they set Nye and I each up with a Hardtail! imageSo at the next NorCal High School League Race I pulled my best result yet a 2nd place in the Junior Varsity, which also moved me up to 4th place overall! There are lots of great people at Marin, Gravy, our friend that we’ve known the longest at Marin is one of the greatest Mechanics and Characters I’ve ever met. It is always nice to see him because he is so funny and knows so many people and cool places to ride. We’ve also known Matt Van Enkevort for nearly five years since he used to work at FSA, he is always super friendly and respectful to our team.

imageThe Marin Attack Trail CXT-9 is the most fun bike I have ever ridden. At the Sea Otter Classic Enduro race my Marin Attack trail performed at amazing levels. It was so awesome on the first stage of the Enduro, the Downhill course, where it handled all of the bumps so well I barely knew they existed and it also handled the tabletops and drop-offs so well I thought I was riding a Cross Country Course!!! On the uphill sections of the course locking out the suspension made it feel like I was riding a                                                                                      .                                                                                hard tail!

imageThe Marin Team CXR was the bike for the Sea Otter XC Course. It was great having a hard tail starting on the Laguna Seca Raceway as it stiffened up the ride so that all of my energy went straight to my pedals making me feel like a rocket! The super lite frame made it ideal for the steep loose climbs and the sprint finish on the paved raceway!


imageAll I can say about the Marin Stelvio Elite Road bike is that IT-IS-AWESOME! It climbs like a beast, it descended smoothly and accurately and paired with the Vision Metron wheels, it is the fastest machine I have ever ridden!




imageI If you’re looking for a bike so you can just get out and enjoy nature, a high-end race bike to go shred some race courses, a full suspension to bomb down your local trails or a road bike to hit the back roads of The America, Marin bikes has a bike for you! Meeting and talking to the people there will be as much fun as riding your bike!


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