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imageWhen buying from a company you don’t have to compromise, you can have a great product and feel great that you are supporting a amazing company too!

We have many great Sponsors but there are some that just do amazing things with their company and their products.  We’ve represented for Primal Wear for over 3 years and they are a great company.  They have rockin’ products that perform fantastically, outgoing staff members and they also give back to the community which is one of the things you need to do to be a very successful company.

imagePrimal Wear was founded in 1992 and is based out of Denver Colorado supporting many local and regional professional teams in the US.  Over their years of donating to over 80 charitable organizations, Primal Wear has donated over 1.3 million dollars to foundations such as: National Interschoolastic Cycling Association, People For Bikes, Little Bella’s, Trips For Kids, IMBA, Rails To Trails, Bicycle MS and many other great organizations.

imagePrimal Wear’s people, is one of the best things about their company.   They are so outgoing and friendly you could talk to them all day, they are very interesting!  I’ve known Dave Edwards and Tim Baker for a few years, they do great things with Primal Wear.  We met Dave at Interbike for the first time and really enjoying learning about him.  He is involved with many national Bicycling Organizations around the world and he is the vision for Primal Wear’s community involvement and charitable work.   Tim was the driving force in Primal Wear’s support of the NorCal High School League and that’s a great thing to have a very successful business, encourage more kids to ride and race bikes.  It’s also interesting to hear about their commitment to develop new products, the materials they’re made from and how they construct their apparel.  It’s a really cool process to hear about!   You can be sure that you are buying the best cycling apparel out there from a great company!

imageMy brother races in JV the National Interschoolastic Cycling Association’s NorCal High School League and is in 5th place overall right now which is awesome because at the start of the season he was not ranked (of 92 racers).  It’s great that Primal Wear not only supports NorCal, but supports Yackle Brothers Racing, too, plus it’s so good to see so many kids racing bikes!  Not only do I help my Team with its Race Booth, but I go and volunteer to help the NorCal League with things they need help with like; Staffing their Merchandise Booth while there away, Race Event setup and take down, Staging The Races and running papers and other things down to the Announcer and Timing and Scoring Tent.    I love going around and talking to people and racers about Primal Wears awesome Kits they have sponsored us with, all of their other products and how great of a company they are sponsoring The High School League and the other race events they support.

imageThe Helix Race Kits that our Team races in are very durable and our team has proven that several times.  Two years ago I was racing the National Championships in Allentown Pennsylvania.  I was sprinting down a gravel road (It had been changed to that from the previous part of the course that went through a trail in the woods) for second place and I hit a bump and my hands flew off the handlebars and I crashed.  After I got cleaned up I examined my Helix Race Kit and there was only a half centimeter hole in the bibs.  I was amazed that it could withstand that crash!  I had a similar experience when I was doing a road race last fall.   Someone swerved into me and I crashed into the side of a hill and my bibs only had one small hole!  Our latest experience was in California when Jake was in the final sprint in road race and another racer swerved across the whole peloton.  Jake made a quick decision that he wasn’t going to crash into the pile of racers in the middle of the road and jumped off the road into a paved ditch and once he got back up and finished the 100 meters to complete the race, he looked at his Primal Wear apparel and it wasn’t even damaged.  Amazing!!

imagePrimal Wear is a great company and their products are Very Durable, Aero, Moisture Wicking, Comfortable, Light and Very Attention Grabbing.  You should check out their great products, have a chat with their staff who are definitely amazing people and view all of the organizations that they donate to because that all proves they truly are a great company with products that are Even Better!


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