FSA, Full Speed Ahead to Success-Jakes Blog

imageAs a Team we have many supporters of our racing throughout our 8 years of racing. Of our five years of sponsored racing FSA has enthusiastically supported The Yackle Brothers Racing Team’s pursuit in accomplishing our goals of winning the Tour de France.  FSA (Full Speed Ahead) was our first and our favorite component sponsor, why?  FSA is a great company, they are very loyal, they make great products, and most of all the people, who work there are, super Nice, Cool and Friendly.

imageWe first started riding on FSA Components in 2011 as the super nice marketing manager liked what we were doing and wanted to help us ride FSA.   We have had a super good relationship with FSA, they have always been loyal to The Yackle Brothers Racing Team even through the swqings in the bike industry, the people who work there are always supper nice and friendly and are really fun to hang out with at events like The Sea Otter Classic and Interbike Trade Show.   One time Nye was talking one of the guys that works at FSA, and the guy whipped out a fake foam knife (it looked quite real!) and stabbed Nye with it!  Nye literally jumped back 2 feet, it was so funny!


FSA’s components are also a great part of the company.  FSA has a wide variety of componets, if your looking for: Handlebars, Stems, Seatposts, Cranks, Chains, Bottom Brackets, Headsets, Brakes, Disc Brakes and Wheelsets, I would highly recommend FSA’s linup!

imageWe have been riding them for five-year and they are defiantly my favorite components that I’ve had so far.  The handle bars are super stiff and light (MTN: SL-K Lowriser 235g 740mm, Flat 172g 685mm Road: SL-K Compact 235g 400mm) the stem is also really light and stiff ( SL-K Road, MTN: 141g 100mm). The seat posts are great too (SL-K 230g 27.2) and the cool wave logo design attracts a lot of attention.

image But my favorite component has to be the Vision Metron Wheels (FSA owns Vision) the Metron 55 wheels are so fast while racing Criteriums as the keep forward momentum which requires less energy, the Metron 40 wheels are great for climbing as they weigh less than the Metron 55 (Metron 55 1595g Metron 40 1495g), once you get up to a high-speed they can look extremely cool with the red Vision logo.


FSA is a great company, the people who work there are super friendly and out going, they are hard-working and make great products, so if your planning on building out a bike make sure you ride FSA, You Won’t Regret It!


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