First Race, Oh Yea!! – Nye’s Blog

IMG_8254Our XC Bikes were extremely fun and lightweight, but this year we’re exploring Enduro racing for some new fun.  Last years first race was on a MTB bike converted to a Cyclocross bike, our Jamis Dakota D-29 Carbon hardtail bikes and this year it will be on our new Enduro Bikes.  We know our Marin Attack Trail Enduro bikes will perform great in Enduro racing but we’ll also be racing them in Cross Country to see how great they can perform there too!  We had high expectations for this years Enduro bikes in our first race of the year and they didn’t disappoint!


Our first race was the TBF MTB Classic on February 8th at Granite Bay, California.  As mentioned in my last blog, we are racing the Marin Attack Trail C-XT 9 Enduro bike this year and we tested it for the first time in a XC Race.  I was ready to see how our new bikes were going to perform on Cross Country courses.  I was expecting the Attack Trail Enduro bikes to ride as well as a XC bike and not let the extra weight slow us down and which was the case.  imageI like the fact that I can compensate for the weight and gain more power and fitness from this!  On our training rides so far the Attack Trail C-XT9 climbed like a Cross Country bike and descended like a Full Suspension, but that was the real test!  That was the first time that we have ever ridden on a full suspension bike and I’m loving riding down the trails and feeling like I’m flying through the air. I’m a lot more free to bomb down the trails and jump off ledges and other things now too.

imageOur 2015 Sponsors products are working to our highest expectations.  Their products are working great on our new Full Suspension Enduro bikes (I want to ride on the trails all the time they’re so fun).  imageWe also raced Marin’s Stelvio Elite Road Bike in our 2nd race of the year!  The Folsom Winter Classic was my first Cat 4 Peleton finish and I was in the front of the group the whole race because I have worked so hard on my fitness. Also, thanks to my sponsors products working so well!  Unfortunately there was a last lap crash that I had to slow down for, I was disappointed because I was very excited to see what I was able pull off in the final sprint!  I’m very excited to ride and promote Full Speed Aheads new Vision Carbon Road and SLK MTB wheelsets on all of our adventure rides and races.

image2015 is going to be a very exciting year, racing Enduro, Road and Mountain Bikes.  We have many expectations for the performance of the Attack Trail C-XT 9 Enduro Bikes on XC Courses, but I think they will fill all of them and much more in our races to come!


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