Oh Ya!…My First Pro Cat 1 Victory – Jake’s Blog

Neveda City Dirt #2 146The Nevada City Dirt Classic #2 was really fun, the course was awesome (and especially dusty) and so was the race!  Not only did I win the Cat1 juniors 15-18 age group I also had my first ever  Pro Cat 1 overall victory and post the fastest time on the course!Neveda City Dirt #2 087

When we lined up at the start line I was anxious for the race to start because I had been listenng to the announcer talk about how the course had a half pipe descent and a technical root descent, I was ready to race.   The race went great.  I took the hole shot and stayed there for the 1st mile and I was third (behind 2 adults) at 4 mile mark at the start of the 1st climb only 150 ft behind. By the time we started the second lap I was in the lead with a 17 yr old  junior on my wheel.  Halfway into the third lap I attacked my competitor and he couldn’t respond so I raced to the finish knowing  this would be my first Pro Cat 1 victory!  After the race it turned out that I gained nearly 2:20 minutes on second place in less than half a lap.  When the announcer called me onto the podium it felt great knowing how I did especially when the announcer noted that I had the fastest lap time of the day!Neveda City Dirt #2 117

Even though it was just a local Californian’s XC MTB race, I know that this is a significant moment in my race career, one that I will always remember and one that I  have often dreamed about.  It’s great to know that I still feel as if I am getting much faster and becoming more in tune with my body, and my bike.   I can’t wait until I’m up there with the best and win a REAL Pro race!


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