Great Fitness and Great Strategy Makes Great Teammates-Nye’s Blog

084A few things from last weekend’s Little City’s Stage Race!  My biggest learning experience was Friday’s Road Race.  The first 2 miles of the course were neutralized. I learned that one big mistake was letting my competitors stay with me because I didn’t put them under stress.

In the 1st lap my 14 and under group, there was no pace, because nobody was willing to pull as they feared Jake’s abilities.  One thing I should’ve done was keep the pace hard so I could have dropped anybody that shouldn’t have stayed with us.  On the second lap our strategy included aggression and that worked great.  We attacked numerous times so we could keep our competitors under stress.  We dropped anybody who didn’t have the fitness to keep up with us.  Our strategy gave me the Road Race Category U12 win, put me in the lead for the GC and placed 5th overrall in the U14.

At the Circuit race our strategy of aggression worked great! We probably would have dropped half of the field but the motorcycle official following the 17-18 Juniors neutralized our attack off the start, because we were overtaking the Junior 17-18 racers.  Things went smoothly after that.  Jake and I attacked the group as a team.  The strategy worked, we dropped over half the group and I rode the rest of the way with two 13-14 year old juniors and crossed the finish ahead of one them in the sprint.  I placed 4th overall in the Junior 13-14 and first in the Junior 11-12 category.

The criterium was an epic race.  One of my goals for this race was to get 3rd overrall in Junior 13-14.  Our strategy for this race was to keep working our competitors until they popped.  We kept attacking them until I finally broke away with 6 laps to go.  One of the 13-14 year olds tried to close the gap but he popped.  After a 2 lap breakaway my brother made a tactical mistake and bridged the gap with one of his competitors. There was another of Jake’s competitors trying to catch up but we kept attacking and he finally dropped.  It all came down to a sprint finish.  They outsprinted me but I was happy with my 3rd place overall.

The Time Trial was very hard on the way back because it was uphill and you had to tuck down low because there were thousands of grasshoppers flying across the road.  Nature’s feed zone!  I placed first in my age group in the Time Trial and 1st in the GC.

I learned new strategies and tactics and I also learned if applied correctly they worked great!  We had a great time doing the races and meeting friends. A big thanks to Bubba Melcher and his wife Terry for putting on this great race


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