Spring Break – Jakes Blog

Ahjumawi Lava Springs Park 061Last week was the best spring break ever!  This year for spring break we left 2 days after Sea Otter to do our first ever canoe/backpacking trip at the  Ahjumahi Lava Springs just north of McArthur CA, it so awesome!

Day#1: on our first day we paddled 2 miles to Horr Pond. The campground was nice but we wanted to go to Crystal Springs mostly because we were looking for an adventure. Partly because the water was Horr-ible it was green and murky. So we paddled 2 more miles to Crystal Springs, the water was beautiful.

Day#2: We canoed around for a good fishing spot all morning there were two fish that we saw, one was an Rainbow Trout, the other was a wide mouth sucker.  They were both pretty big, about 12-15 inches long, Nye was really looking forward to catching them! Later that afternoon we took a hike to the Spatter Cone and to some lava tubes. The lava tubes were pretty small but they were also cool, there was some algae growing off the roof of the cave……..the perfect place for a bears den ….yikes! The Spatter cone was really cool also it looked like it was once a top of a volcano.

Day#3: In the morning we took a hike to an old farmhouse. While we were walking up to it under the balcony out came a Pygmy Owl!  It was very pretty but that was spoiled by it taking a bathroom break as it was flying away……yuck!  After we saw the owl we checked out the house it was pretty creepy when we went upstairs and saw a bunch of feathers with a pile of bear dung next to it. What ever was living in this house I didn’t want to meet it!   After that we went to the original homestead there was not much but a bunch of old farm equipment.  At 1:15 Dad and I went to pick up our mom at the boat launch..a 4 mile paddle each way. When we arrived back at camp I was exhausted.  Bikers aren’t supposed to have strong arms!!!

Day#4: Today we just loafed around. In the morning we went fishing for a few hours. We saw lots of fish but didn’t catch any. That afternoon we went for a short hike to a big pond that empties out into the lake.  While we hiked around the pond we saw lots of animals. We saw a rare Shasta Crayfish, 2 Rainbow Trout and five frogs!

Day#5: On our 5th day we hiked to a big crater called the Conic Depression. The crater was probably as long as a football field and more than 40 feet deep, it was pretty cool.

Day#6:  This was our last day so we packed up and paddled back to the boat launch. After we were packed we drove to Burney Falls State Park the falls were so beautiful! They said over 1 million gallons went over the falls each day!  After that we stopped at The Subway Cave Lava Tube. It was huge!  Most places were over 10 feet tall, and the cave was over a third of a mile long. It was pretty eerie when we turned off all of our lights…. It was pitch black!  Our dog Rex looked so spooked. I can’t blame him, though it was funny watching him walk as if he couldn’t see!

I had such a fun Spring break, a great new experience exploring a beautiful new place. I loved checking out Lava a Tubes, canoeing and so much more, I hope everyone had as good of a spring as I did!