Cyclocross after Dark

017008The Sagebrush CX Night Race #4 was awesome!  Not only was it our first Night Race but it was a Cyclocross race, too.  Our Light and Motion Urban 550 and 180’s  Bike Lights were the Bomb for this type of racing!

Night riding is great, especially when you have the Light and Motion  Bike Lights to torch the course.108 Our assortment of Bike Lights includes the:  Seca 1700,  Stella 300, Urban 550 and 180.  The Seca and Stella are great for the singletrack trails where there are trees, obstacles and curves because they fan out, have long lasting battery packs and are the brightest.  Our lights of choice for this Cyclocoss race were the Urban 550 and 180 Bike Lights.

These Light and Motion Bike Lights are light, bright and are a single, rechargable, compact units.  091The Urbans have 270 degrees of visability.  It has lights that shine out to the side so that when you’re riding on a road, vehicles on cross streets see you.  During this race it worked great, it allowed our Support Crew to pick us out of the pack of racers. 067The Light and Motion Urbans were a lot brighter (at 550 & 180 lumens) than the other Demo Bike Lights the race promoter provided.  After the race people were curious about what lights we had…….we were proud to say and recommend Light and Motion Bike Lights!

042We both got the hole shot and held pace with the lead group.  Our challenge came at the barrier hill.  We just don’t have the physical strength and power to keep their strong pace, lifting our bikes up over 2 barriers and running up a steep, 100 foot long, loose, rutted hill.
Those few seconds add up each lap, boy we look forward to growing older, bigger and stronger!

It was great to have Light and Motion Bike Lights as our partner.  They were the best performing lights this night!  They gave us the advantage of being able to traverse the course with ease and stay competitive for the win!005

Our Light and Motion Bike Lights lit our way to Nye’s 2nd place in the Mens’s C <35 age group and Jake’s 6th place in the Men’s B <35 age group.  It’s awesome being able to race in adult categroies and do so well!  3 CX races under our belts and we feel like we have made great progress.004