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Sea Otter 314

The Whiskey Off Road was great!  This year I raced the 50 Proof Category (50 miles) and it was quite a race, I had a wonderful time before, during and after the race.  This is what happened…..

Sea Otter 220 Sea Otter 256 The days leading up to the race were really fun, we were phyched to be able to do 4 days of preriding the course, as we had just traveled in from the Sea Otter Classic, arriving late Monday at dusk.  On our ride the 1st day our Dad got a slice in his tubeless tire and we spent over an hour patching a bad tube (I hate it when that happens!).  After 5 patches it still failed and I needed to give him my tube.  The next day we put on a brand new Panaracer Driver tire, and rode half of the 25 mile loop.  We were nearing the top of the Sierra Prieta road climb when suddenly out of nowhere comes a bobcat chasing a mule deer…it stops on the edge of the road for a few seconds and then it’s gone!  That was so cool!  Sea Otter 247The next few days we did some rides and just hung out and enjoyed nature!

The day of the race was exhilarating!  I was pretty nervous at the start since this was going to be my first 50 mile race but I got through it and was ready to go.  Man the start was fast!  Once we were around the first corner the fast guys took off, I struggled a bit but managed to stay in the top 100 racers going into the singletrack. Whiskey 276 On the descent into Skull Valley me and another 50 mile racer were duking it out down the descent and it turns out we passed at least a dozen people.  Nearly the same thing happened climbing out of Skull Valley.  I wanted to see how many people I could pass so I picked up the pace and I eventually caught a road racer (“gone dirty”),  He and I caught one racer at a time until we had a big group formed.  We must have passed 20 racers when it was all said and done! He eventually dropped me but I wasn’t on my own for long.  I caught the 3rd place junior, he tried to keep up but he couldn’t hang on!  On the singletrack descent back to town, I caught the roady gone dirty (that dropped me on the climb) and passed him a mile before the pavement.  I caught another racer and we hauled butt to the finish, a sprint to the line, he barely edges me out..DARN!  Though, I did feel great that I won the battle with that Roady!  At the finish line the Roady told me good job, I told him ” I wasn’t going to let you catch me” he said “well this Roady was definitely trying to catch you!”, I told him “good job, you made me ride fast”Sea Otter 341

After the race I hung out at the Shimano booth waiting for my Dad to come off the course and Nye to finish his 30 mile race.  I had some pizza and a ice cream cone and waited for the awards ceremony. I was happy with my finish last year but this year I upped my game to the 50 miler and finished 3rd place in the juniors <18 category and ended up 73 overall out of 607 racers!

This years Whiskey Off Road was awesome! Whiskey 195We met some cool people (Sid Taberlay), had some great adventures and learned that if you put your mind to it any thing is possible!


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