Jake’s Blog Setting Your Sights High

Coming into 2013 Red Rock Desert Rampage MTB race in St. George, UT, most people would have thought it would have been a bad idea to Cat up from Cat 2 to Cat 1. But not my Dad/Coach, he thought he had seen a rise in my capabilities so I registered for Cat 1, since this race is not USA Cycling sactioned!

I’ve been racing the Red Rock Desert Rampage event for 4 years and I have great success there. Seeing that I started racing so young there many people that questioned the race Categories I entered.  For example, in 2010, at 9 years old, I raced in the Cat 2 13-15 age group.  As I lined up at the start line I was saying to myself aloud ” I’ll probably beat those two kids ” but a teenager named Hunter over heard my conversation and said, ” Ha! he thinks he’ll beat you two ” but I showed him and ended up in 3rd place! In 2011 I raced Cat 3 13-15 age group since there was more competition. It was a good race and I placed 2nd. In 2012, I raced the Cat 2 13-15 age group.  The competition was fierce.  I finished 1st, a full minute ahead of the 2nd place finisher.  I had great result from the 2012 season. I trained hard in the off season and I was super excited for our first MTB race! 

It’s 2013 at the Red Rock Desert Rampage.  I’m racing Cat 1 19-29 age group. Then the longest ten seconds of my life:  I hear the start whistle……. and we’re off!!!  I have a great start and I’m up front, but after a few hundred meters the field of mature men swamp me and I’m now dead last heading across the flat doubletrack.  I knew my fortures would change as the sucession of singletrack climbs and descents were to come.  After a few miles of the 1st of 3, 7 mile laps, I caught the leader, just as I expected!  One lap down two to go; I pass the leader and gain first place, and the next two miles go along as smooth as butter….. and I take the win, Woohoo!DSC04865

My dad was right, and hard work sure does pay off!  Finally I would like thank all of our sponsors:  Jamis, DT Swiss, FSA, Enve, Magura, Panaracer, Primal, Osprey, Ergon, Sidi, Light and Motion, Finish Line, Honey Stinger, Headsweats, Xpedo and Feedback Sports for supporting us and I would like to thank our friends and family too!