New, New, New…….2013

New Race Kit for 2013

New Race Kit for 2013

Well,  the New Year, 2013, has Officially begun!  And there are many things that will be New!  New Race Kits, New Sponsors, New Races, New Look Websites and New Season Goals.  But the theme really should be the Old!  As much as there is new, the old will be the continuing path to follow.  Our old prescription, unquestionably has been good for Us!

Our previous season’s Sponsors dominate our 2013 Sponsor’s List.  Nearly, all of our 2011 and 2012 sponsors have reaffirmed their partnership with Yackle Brothers Racing. Reaffirming that, our Team is being developed well!  However, mixing in the new makes a statement that “we are never content with what we accomplished yesterday”.

16x9 Aspect Sponsors Credit Page 16x9 Aspect Tier 2 Sponsors Credit Page

We have 17 Industry Partners for 2013.  FSA, ENVE and Panaracer, have been with us from the start and continue to anchor our Team. DT Swiss, Primal Wear and Magura, join our senior sponsors to give us a solid foundation to keep on building our Elite Junior Race Program.  Our 11 junior sponsors, provide an unsurpassed value to our Elite Junior Team.  We would like to thank each one and ask everyone to always patronize, Race Team Sponsors-and especially our fine Sponsors!  They help provide the Racing we all LOVE!

Our 2013 Primal Wear Pivotal Helix Race Kit is a statement of how our Team is forward looking.  By utilizing the best technical race wear and coupling it with the most professional look, this gives Yackle Brother Racing the “Hole Shot”!  Primal Wear knocks it out of the Park!2013 Primal Kits Shorts

Yackle Brothers Racing continues to advance our internet presence and social networking.  We keep advancing  our skills in these areas to present the most professional and complete promotion, marketing and reprentation of our Sponsors and the our Team.  New appearances and added information and content, improves these sites over our 2012 versions.

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Let’s Get Ready To Race………………………Happy New Year to All……………………………… See You at the Races!!!!