Bust’n Our Britches!

In 2011 Jake and I set goals for 2012 to win USA Cycling National Championships and to win New Mexico Off Road Regional Point Series Championships.  We already have our stars and bars!!!  The chase for the NMORS Championship is on!

After the our Sandia Peak Onmium, there were only 5 races left in the Series.  The Series is based upon your best 8 races out of 13 total.  Prior to the Red River race we had competed in 5 of the first 8 races and dominated our head to head races with our closest competitors.

In the last 6 weeks we raced:  Top of The World, Back To School Special and Horny Toad Hustle and Squash Blossom Classic.   I finished 1st beat my second place competitor in the point series by an average of 7:00 minutes.  Jake demolished the 2nd place competitor by an average of 15:00 in these 3 races.

We just crushed it!

I locked up the Championship Category 3 Juniors <18 yrs. NMORS.  Jake racked up his 2nd Championship but this time in highly competitive Category 2 Juniors < 18 yrs..


We’re stoked!

Jake and I both won the series with the minimum of 8 races!  With my 1st Championship locked up, I took on a new challenge,  to race in Category 2 in the Squash Blossom Screamer last weekend!  I’m stoked!  I accomplished my goal to race 19 miles and beat my brother’s course record when he was 9 yrs. old of 1 hour 45 minutes; my time was 1 hour 37 minutes!

I think we set some pretty high goals for 2012. Not only did we accomplish those goals.  Our season’s accomplishments ended up way beyond those goals: 2 New Mexico State Championships, 1 Colorado State Championship, 2nd Junior Team Mountain States Cup Point Series and 1 MSC Point Series Championship.

Season ended!  A Camp Vacation to Moab, UT is waiting.  Then!   Bring on 2013!


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