The Payoff !!!!!!

Our trip to the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, NV was great!  In the five years I’ve been racing I’ve met dozens of star racers and hundreds of bike industry reps, and I was so happy to get to see them again and to be able to meet some more of the new, cool  people in the bike industry!  I think you’ll love reading my story about Interbike!

Interbike was totally awesome! We were able to say “Hi” to all of these biking celebrities: Geoff Kabush, Georgia Gould, Dave Wiens, and meet a couple of new ones-Kristen Armstrong  and Juli Furtado.  Another thing I enjoyed about Interbike was to be able to say “Hi” to all of the people we know and to meet new behind-the-scenes bike industry people because they were so friendly, and they make magic happen!

Meeting Juli Furtado was great!  She inspires me because she is so friendly and she is such an accomplished  racer.  I think working at Santa Cruz is the perfect job for her because she is friendly, talented and knowledgeable, and all of the people we’ve at Santa Cruz are just like her!

We stopped by the Oakley Booth where we ran into our friend Rich Weis who rides for the Subaru Trek Racing Team.  The Oakley booth was awesome!  They converted a military truck and trailer into a huge display booth.  What was even more cool was that we were able to go inside the Oakley trailer which was like a laboratory.  They had ball bearing projectile launchers, lazers, optic clarity testers and the materals they make lenses with!

One of the the things that happened that few Interbike attendees can say is that we got our picture taken with 3 public promotion models. But my favorite was getting my picture taken with Allison Steinkamp a Tour of Califorina podium girl working at the Sidi Booth, our sponsor.  Awesome!!!

Just another example of how our hard work pays off, we were invited to  Intererbike and the Outdoor Demo by our Sponsor Panaracer.  This is not a consumer tradeshow, our invitation comes because we are an accomplished team and our Sponsors want us to be there to support them!  So, I encourage all kids to start racing because some day you might get invited to this great event!


Mad MTB Moppets……Video Release!

After months of hard work and a day full of internet posting we have finally capped it by releasing our 1st video documentary showcasing a small bit of the Yackle Brothers, their racing and considerable riding skills.

The video shoot happened in May and June.  The videographer/editor worked for 11/2 months putting this sweet piece together. It turned out great for the onscreen first timers.  Thanks to the editor who added some nice editing touches

My favorite parts are the intensities show by Jake and Nye as the contested their XC races!  Also, for anyone familar with the Dakota Ridge Trail the skills portion of this video rocks!  These two boy were just 9 and 11 yrs old at the time of the video shoot.  They already have a mastery of this incredibly, tough, technical trail.  Some of us (me included) will never be able to catch up to them even with multiple years of riding this trail.  Especially take note of two scenes:  the ride up the series of water boards, this is one steep section!, and  the ride up the line of stacked rocks and then off the ledgy backside, huges skills for this!


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