Nye’s Blog-Racing Success Means So Much More…..

This year the Yackle Brothers Racing Team has done 20 races so far and that includes the Sea Otter Classic, 2 endurance races and 2 road races.  These races led up to the BIG trip to Nationals, Glacier National Park and the Missoula Pro XCT.  Our mountain bike racing gives us this great opportunity to travel to the fun and new places, do adventurous things and meet the people that we would otherwise not meet. 

Our first stop was the National Championships in Sun Valley, ID where Jake and I both won the gold medal in our age groups.  After four great days of camping in Sun Valley we headed up to Glacier National Park for some hiking and biking.   Next stop, Missoula, MT for the pro XCT mountain bike race. 

Back in Sun Valley, after setting up camp and taking a short pre-ride of the race course, we headed to the Town Square for the racers’ dinner.  We were excited to see that our friend Dylan Pollard and his family, who we met last year at Nationals, were there.

For our first full day in Glacier, our destination was the Sperry Chalet, a 15 mile out and back hike.  The highlight of our trip to Glacier was biking up the amazing Going-To-The-Sun-Road.  The super COOL reward after our big ride was swimming in Lake McDonald, where we also got to practice our fishing skills.  

During our last night in Glacier Jake and I rode our bikes around the campground with a friendly girl named Lizzy from California.



The Missoula XCT venue turned out to be one of my favorites.  I placed 2nd behind Jake!  Not only did I make a new friend with one of my competitors, Logan Brady, I also met many more people while spectating the pros’ race.   We were able to meet Jon Rourke, the Subaru Trek Race Team Manager, a super nice man. 

What was really exciting was that me and Jake got to escort the Kids’ Race around the ski area base.



Mountain bike racing provides a lot of enjoyment for our family, and gives us many opportunities to see different places, meet interesting people and take part in activities in addition to biking.


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