Jake’s Blog-It’s the People that make Racing so Great!

Just returned from our 13 day trip to the USA Cycling National Championships in Sun Valley, ID and the Missoula Pro XCT in Missoula MT. Nye and I both had great races at Nationals winning two Gold medals and at Missoula placing 2nd and 1st in the same age group, but there is still much more that comes with our racing career. 

The Yackle Brothers Racing Team has been pursuing XC mountain bike racing for four years.  Over these years we have produced fine results which have given us  the opportunity to meet people in all walks of life, like people in the bike industry, Pro racers, serious racers and their families,  casual racers and their families and non-cyclists. 

Through our racing we met Izzy Cohen, an intern with Cycling Dirt who also races.  He interviewed me and Nye after we won Nationals, and at the Missoula Pro XCT.  Izzy also introduced us to the editor of Cyclingdirt.com, Colt McElwaine.  Check out our interviews! 

Also at Nationals, our Facebook racing friends, the Mace family from Ocala, FL joined us at the pre-race party and we had a great time talking about all the fun we have racing and just riding our bikes.  Nye and I were also excited to see our friends Dylan and Adam Fluckiger, who were new racers when we met them last year at Nationals in Sun Valley.  Our favorite place was the free snow cone booth at the race venue

between the four of us boys we must have had 30 snow cones! 

On our  way home we stopped in Ogden, UT to visit our sponsor, ENVE Composites.  Jake Pantone, the marketing manager of Enve, gave us a tour through their facility and showed us how their superlite composite wheels are built! 

On our way out of Ogden we started looking for a place to eat and we came across Laura’s Authentic Mexican Resturant in Provo, UT.  A family-run business, 13 year old Omar took our order and his parents cooked for us…GREAT FOOD!   Omar was very interested in our racing and we showed him our medals and bikes.  We also took a picture with Omar and his family in front of their resturant and posted it on our Facebook page! 

Our racing has proven to be rewarding not only because of our success but because we’ve been able to meet a lot of interesting people who are cyclists and non-cyclists alike.


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