Nye’s Blog-Racing Success Means So Much More…..

This year the Yackle Brothers Racing Team has done 20 races so far and that includes the Sea Otter Classic, 2 endurance races and 2 road races.  These races led up to the BIG trip to Nationals, Glacier National Park and the Missoula Pro XCT.  Our mountain bike racing gives us this great opportunity to travel to the fun and new places, do adventurous things and meet the people that we would otherwise not meet. 

Our first stop was the National Championships in Sun Valley, ID where Jake and I both won the gold medal in our age groups.  After four great days of camping in Sun Valley we headed up to Glacier National Park for some hiking and biking.   Next stop, Missoula, MT for the pro XCT mountain bike race. 

Back in Sun Valley, after setting up camp and taking a short pre-ride of the race course, we headed to the Town Square for the racers’ dinner.  We were excited to see that our friend Dylan Pollard and his family, who we met last year at Nationals, were there.

For our first full day in Glacier, our destination was the Sperry Chalet, a 15 mile out and back hike.  The highlight of our trip to Glacier was biking up the amazing Going-To-The-Sun-Road.  The super COOL reward after our big ride was swimming in Lake McDonald, where we also got to practice our fishing skills.  

During our last night in Glacier Jake and I rode our bikes around the campground with a friendly girl named Lizzy from California.



The Missoula XCT venue turned out to be one of my favorites.  I placed 2nd behind Jake!  Not only did I make a new friend with one of my competitors, Logan Brady, I also met many more people while spectating the pros’ race.   We were able to meet Jon Rourke, the Subaru Trek Race Team Manager, a super nice man. 

What was really exciting was that me and Jake got to escort the Kids’ Race around the ski area base.



Mountain bike racing provides a lot of enjoyment for our family, and gives us many opportunities to see different places, meet interesting people and take part in activities in addition to biking.


Jake’s Blog-It’s the People that make Racing so Great!

Just returned from our 13 day trip to the USA Cycling National Championships in Sun Valley, ID and the Missoula Pro XCT in Missoula MT. Nye and I both had great races at Nationals winning two Gold medals and at Missoula placing 2nd and 1st in the same age group, but there is still much more that comes with our racing career. 

The Yackle Brothers Racing Team has been pursuing XC mountain bike racing for four years.  Over these years we have produced fine results which have given us  the opportunity to meet people in all walks of life, like people in the bike industry, Pro racers, serious racers and their families,  casual racers and their families and non-cyclists. 

Through our racing we met Izzy Cohen, an intern with Cycling Dirt who also races.  He interviewed me and Nye after we won Nationals, and at the Missoula Pro XCT.  Izzy also introduced us to the editor of Cyclingdirt.com, Colt McElwaine.  Check out our interviews! 

Also at Nationals, our Facebook racing friends, the Mace family from Ocala, FL joined us at the pre-race party and we had a great time talking about all the fun we have racing and just riding our bikes.  Nye and I were also excited to see our friends Dylan and Adam Fluckiger, who were new racers when we met them last year at Nationals in Sun Valley.  Our favorite place was the free snow cone booth at the race venue

between the four of us boys we must have had 30 snow cones! 

On our  way home we stopped in Ogden, UT to visit our sponsor, ENVE Composites.  Jake Pantone, the marketing manager of Enve, gave us a tour through their facility and showed us how their superlite composite wheels are built! 

On our way out of Ogden we started looking for a place to eat and we came across Laura’s Authentic Mexican Resturant in Provo, UT.  A family-run business, 13 year old Omar took our order and his parents cooked for us…GREAT FOOD!   Omar was very interested in our racing and we showed him our medals and bikes.  We also took a picture with Omar and his family in front of their resturant and posted it on our Facebook page! 

Our racing has proven to be rewarding not only because of our success but because we’ve been able to meet a lot of interesting people who are cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

Two National Champions Crowned-2012 National Champions Race Report

The 2012 USA Cycling Cross Country National Championship was held in Sun Valley, ID on July 5-8.   The Yackle Brothers Racing Junior racing team has, for its 3rd consecutive year participated.  In Sol Vista Colorado in 2010 the Yackle Brothers Racing Team walked a way with its 1st National Championship, in its first ever participation.  There, Jake was the National Champion in the 10 yr old and under class.  The 2011 Nationals’ saw Jake having an age group upgrade to the 11-12 yr old class and Nye was now 8 yrs old.  In spite of racing older competition, Nye was able to win a Silver and Jake a Bronze at Sun Valley, ID.  It was the first of two years Sun Valley, ID would be hosting the USA Cycling Cross Country Nationals.
The 2012 Season for the Yackle Brothers Racing team had the makings of a special one!  With highly successful participations in the Sea Otter Classic, the Whiskey Off Road and 18 other races (including road and endurance race) behind us, our Racers were in fine form for their assault on Sun Valley. We arrived on the afternoon of 4th of July to be able to attend the racer’s dinner in Town Square.  Jake would race at 3:15 pm in the 11-12 yr old class and Nye at 4:30 pm in the 10 and under class on July the 6th. The day before the race, we focused on course recon and practicing the technical parts of the course and little focus on training miles. We were ready and chomping at the bit for our race start times.  Now we just need to get a good nights sleep and put behind us the hours before our afternoon start times.
We awoke on race day with task one completed, everyone slept well.  We had a leisurely breakfast and headed to the race venue to watch all of the other Juniors races that would start earlier.  We were especially interested in the 13-14 yr old class as Jake and Nye had raced the top ranked boys in this class at the Sea Otter Classic and they finished an astonishing 5th and 7th place there!  Being able to compare their lap times to the 13-14 yr old podium lap times was a pending interest.  We watched the 3 age group class races, stayed hydrated on this 87 degree day and kept stoked with calories. Ready for our 1st race start!  All of their hard training, racing successes and the awareness they each had achieved a front roll call-up,  kept Jake and Nye cool and relaxed as they both had the highest level of confidence.
Jake took his front row spot, Donna headed to the feed zone and I took position on the punishing climb that he would see each time on their 5 laps!  The starter called them to the line and they were off.  Jake sprinted off the line for the hole shot and began to press his advantage on the cobblestone ski village pathways.  One racer came with him and made a brief pass, but Jake would in short order reclaim 1st in the flat, wooded, lower single track.  He held that lead to the first of five climbs.  Jake immediately established his tempo on the climb while two competitors drove hard past him, but only achieved a few feet of advantage.  By the end of the climb as they entered the single track, Jake had dispatched one racer and was right on the wheel of the other.  The leading racer and Jake took to the switched-back, single track descent.  It was clear that Jake could descend much faster than the lead racer as he held Jake up and the 3rd place racer caught Jake’s wheel.  They exited the single track and crossed the start finish line and Jake promptly accelerated past.  That would be the race for the Championship right there!  Jake continued to press his advantage each lap as he uses the climb to build his gap, while the other boys raced for the 2nd-5th podium places, Crossing the line in 1st with a 38:23 (a 7:40/lap time) and a second National Championship for him!
It was now 9 yr old Nye’s time for his shot at a National Championship!  We all took our spots on the course.  Nye fired off the start line on his Jamis Dakota d29 race bike to an immediate 5 bike length advantage that would hold until the wooded, flat single track section.  There would be but one racer who could hold his wheel.  They stayed glued together into the first lap climb and continued that way to the final meters of the climb.  There, the 2nd place racer surged to Nye’s left side, Nye immediately saw the move and responded with a huge display of power and in the course of seconds had opened a 15 ft gap and pressed that to about 40 ft on the initial stages of the upper single track.  In the first 1/2 lap they demolished the rest of the field and it was clear that just 2 boys were capable of this Championship.  They came back together on the descent and in the lower course area.  Nye gets briefly passed on the lower course but immediately reassumes the lead and heads into the 2 lap, 15% grade climb.  This time the outcome at the top is more conclusive as Nye hammers out a gap and and advantage over his competitor.  This lap he pushes harder and maintains that gap before the 3rd climb.  He clearly is the strongest racer and advances his time gap each of the next two  climbs.  He finishes 1st in a time of 32:08 ( a 8:02/lap) and achieves a second National Championship for Yackle Brothers Racing in the 2012 USA Cycling Cross Country National Championships.