Jake’s Blog – My Brother: Growth Toward a Champion

2012 has been a great season for us, we’ve competed in 20 races so far this year and we’ve had four new race experiences:  Endurance Races, Road Races, Criterium Races and Time Trials.  The Yackle Brothers Racing Team has had 28 podium finishes this year.  Nye has had 11 podiums and he is currently in 2nd place in the New Mexico Off Road Series Cat 3 Junior 18-under division. He has a great chance of winning that title and possibly taking 3rd in the Junior Men 14-under Mountain States Cup Series!  These last two races are evidence that Nye is becoming increasingly talented and has grown competive with 14 year old Cat 3 juniors class.

Since Nye has done extremely well so far this year, we decided to go to the Ute Valley Pro XCT in Colorado Springs. Nye’s 2nd place finish in the Cat 3, 14-under division was great in spite of a USA Cycling official blocking him from getting a front row starting position during staging.  Nye also had a 0:20:30 lap time, he was the 3rd fastest overall Cat 3 racer and he was only 20 sec behind the 1st place 14 year old!

The Wildflower Rush is another extremely competitive event because all of the best junior teams like Durango Devo, Boulder Junior Cycling and SMBA come to compete.  Once again like at Ute Valley a USA Cycling official obstructed Nye’s start position.  Nye overcame his disadvantage and placed 4th out of 25 Junior 14-under racers and he also had the 8th fastest overall Cat 3 time!

Nye’s results at these last two races are proof that Nye is becoming more talented and more competitive with 14 year old junior racers.  As evidence Nye placed 7th against 30 of the best 13-14 year olds in the nation at the Sea Otter Classic!


Nye’s Blog: Competiveness Unstopable

This year the Yackle Brothers Racing Team has done 20 races so far out of our planned 35.  For the first time in our career we did a couple of Road Races, Time Trials, Criteriums and 3 Endurance Races.  Our 2011 daily training and 22 race schedule gave us confidence that we would be able to attempt to compete in a longer race, so this year we did 3 endurace races that were 35, 30 and 22 miles long.  We had placings as high as 1st and 2nd and didn’t place below 7th.  Jake is looking on track to win both the Category 2 NMOR Series and Category 3 MSC Series.  This season Jake has pushed himself into a higher level of competion and the last 2 races show what level of competion he’s sucessful against.

Two weeks ago we went to the Ute Valley Pro XCT in Colorado Springs expecting to find great 14 and under Junior competion for Jake.  In the morning of the race we found out there wasn’t going to be the case for Jake.  Following this season’s goal of seeking higher levels of competion Jake upgraded to Cat 2 15-18 yr old, finishing 5th just loosing 4th on a sprint to the line.  Jake had the 8th fastest time in 29 and under.  Also, the winning Pro men had lap times of 15.5 to 16 miniutes and Jake’s lap time was 18 miniutes on the 4.5 mile course.

In the past 2 seasons Crested Butte’s Wildflower Rush has brought out the best 14 and under Juniors in the region.  There have been 25-30 juniors in Jakes class.   They come from Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Durango, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.  A quarter mile after the start of the race and a 100 feet up the start climb Jake had already dropped everyone.  At this gathering of the region’s best 14 and under Juniors, Jake proved he was a class better.  Jake took home 1st place in Cat 3 14 and under and was 1st overall in Cat 3.

The last 2 races confirm, that races like the 2012, 30 mile Whiskey Off Road where Jake placed 5th in the Cat 3 Juniors 18 and under (and 22nd out of 700 racers) prove that Jake is the real deal!  Race after race this season Jake has preformed against higher levels of competion and he has proven he can be competive for the top spot on the Podium!.

Jake’s Blog: A Unique Race in a Special Place!

At 6:30 in the morning we left our house for the Iron Horse Classic Bicycle Race. When we arrived we pre-rode a steep, loose section of the 7 miile,  1,000 ft. of elevation gain race course 2 times so that we had the perfect line down the half mile long descent.

After our pre-ride we linned up for the Iron Horse XC, MTB and noticed that we were going to race the junior 13-14 year old national champion Christopher Blevins.  Our XC race started on a half mile of paved road.  I was pleased that I was able to keep up with Christopher, but once we got to the super steep, loose climb his strength and age allowed him to pull away from me.  A mile after the second climb I caught  a glimpse of Christopher in the bike maze.  seeing Christopher motivated me to go twice as fast on the trail, which weaved through the pinon forest and through the BMX and pump tracks.  I flew down the half mile technical descent.  I’m sure that I was able to close the gap on Christopher through this section since age and strength weren’t a factor on this part of the course!  The last few 100 meters of the course had a few interesting obstacles.  The first being a wooden bridge that the XC racers went over while the criterium racers went under and riding down a staircase into an alley way.  Although our obstacles were neat, even cooler was that the pro racers got to ride through the Steamworks Brewery.

The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic has many different races, including one-of-a-kind, super fun XC course: the Durango to Silverton road race, Iron Horse Time Trial and Criterium and Citizen races.  Whether you’re a road or MTB racer you should consider racing at this unique event in 2013!

Teva Mountain Games and Family Fun

We began our trip to the Teva Mountain Games on Thursday.  We left our house at 11am.    On our way we stopped at the Kokopelli Trailhead in Fruita, CO.  For our days’ training ride we rode Mary’s Loop and the more technical Macks Ridge before heading  to my aunt’s house to see my relatives one last time before they went back home to Texas.  We left at 11am Friday and arrived in Vail at 2 pm.  We immediately put our course preride in, so we could see some of the Teva Games events.  The race course  was 7 miles and 1,400 feet of climbing up the ski mountain.

The Teva Games featured Climbing Sports, Water Sports, Mountain Biking, K-9 Sports and Slacklining which was super cool and a new experience.  On Saturday we watched many of the events plus the Pro XC Mountain Bike race.  We able to practice kayaking in a large portable pool.

My race started after an hour rain delay.  I was the first one off the line!  Throughout my race I passed many cat 2 and 3 racers of all ages.  I hammered the climb and shredded the descent. I was 2nd in the Cat 3 Juniors 18 and under.

Our Sunday recovery ride included all of the Teva Games Time Trial course that was used in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge and much more. It was 29 miles and had 1800 feet of climbing on the Gore Valley Bike path. We saw more of the Teva Games that afternoon.  Monday, on our way home, our great trip ended with a ride down the bike path in the beautiful Glenwood Canyon as our ride of the day.