Nye’s Blog-Stepping out of my brother’s shadow

I have been racing for 3 years and I’ve always raced in the same Category as my brother Jake.  I have not been able to beat him.  He is 2 years older than me and he has won the National Championships and the Category 3 New Mexico Off Road Series Junior Championship.  Over the past 3 years I’ve come to feeling that I’ll never beat him while we’re still kids.  This year Jake is upgrading to cat 2 and I am racing cat 3 in the New Mexico Off Road Series.  Since I don’t  have to race Jake in the Series, here’s what I’m expecting to feel in these races and here’s how it felt at last weekend’s Coyote Classic XC race.


The Coyote Classic was my first race after Jake upgraded.  I felt confident because I didn’t have to race someone who is bigger, stronger and older, and is someone I knew raced and trained longer than me.  Knowing that I didn’t have to race last year’s Cat 3 Junior Series champion made me feel at ease so I could focus on my race.  Unlike Jake, knowing that all the kids I just raced were beatable motivated me to win for myself and continue the Yackle  Brothers tradition.  A race is a race, but a National Championship or a NMORS Junior Cat 3 Championship is what I want to focus on.  Unlike last year, I was not able to win.  This year, now that Jake moved up I’m stoked to be fighting for this year’s championship.  Now that Jake’s gone from the scene, pressure is removed from my shoulders and I will be a great contender for a Series win.

Now I have an open mind and I know I can win anytime and with Jake in a  different category, I no longer will predetermine that I can’t win.  I know most of you have had brothers or sisters and feel the way I do.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity where I step out of my brother’s shadow and show everybody what I’m capable of.


Jake’s Blog – Night Riding! Fantasy or Reality a First-Timers View

We’ve had our Light and Motion, Stella 300’s for a few months but we haven’t had a chance to use them.  Since the nights are so cold in our home town, Cortez, CO,  we haven’t been able to do a night ride quite yet.  On our trip to Race the Coyote Classic, the night time temperatures were so warm in El Paso that we decided to do our first ever night ride with our Light and Motion, Stella 300s.  I really enjoyed my very first night ride.  Here is why, I think night riding was so fun and other bicycle riders will enjoy night riding, too.

Installing the Light and Motion, Stella 300 was so quick and easy.   I was puzzled whether to be thrilled or bummed!  I didn’t even have enough time to enjoy my anticipation of how cool it was going to be riding in the dark.   Night riding was one of my most favorite experiences because you get an entirely different perspective!   Riding with only my Stella 300 lighting the way.  I had only one single circular light focused on the ground. It seemed as if I was riding while looking through a tunnel.   I loved that feel as it was a fresh way to enjoy my riding!   The night time features of the trail tended to look one dimensional and gave me a new skill to master.  I found to be novel, exciting and challenging.  Also, as I was night riding, I found that my mind was drifting off the need to concentrate on trail riding and onto thoughts of the unknowns of darkness .  Though, I knew my thoughts were an unrealistic fantasy, I was still exhilarated, thinking about them throughout the ride.  There were so many new experiences I found it impossible to choose the one I like the best!

I’ve listed my reasons, now its up to you!  Go night ride with Light and Motion Bike Lights and choose your Passion!