Nyes Blog-The Importance of Family, The Maverick Classic

The town we live in ,Cortez, requires us to drive hours to get to our race events. So far none of our family members or friends have lived in these cities.  Here’s what it’s like to finally go to a city where our family and friends can cheer us on!

Last weekend, we had a TT, Road Race and Criterium at the Maverick Classic in Grand Juncion, CO.   At the Criterium we were doing our normal warm up before the start of the race.  We saw our Mom waving her hand to stop us, at that point I saw my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins, too.  I was so happy to see them I challenged my Uncle to a race.  All of the fun and conversation I had made me so relaxed, that the race was a blast!  The Road Race was great because my uncle was able to drive his car with my family behind me. They cheered me on, gave me water and advice. All of the support from my relitaves made me pick up the pace on the last climb and race hard the last 6 miles to the finish.   Also, staying with my family was great because one night we had a barbacue.  We sat in the backyard next to a fire and had a good conversation and great time.  Being able to race in a city where my family lives makes me happy and motivates me to have a great race.  Especially because I’m racing in front of my family.

It was great to get this chance to see our family at that Race.  I’m looking foward to seeing our grandparents, 5 aunts, 2 uncles and 2 cousins at the Iron Horse Classic in Durango.  But sadly, this will be the only time in our schedule that we will race in front of family.  I will be awaiting my next chance to do this again!


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