Jake’s Blog-Maverick Classic Criterium

In 4 years I’ve competed in dozens of XC races and we usually only see a couple of tables for timing and registration at the race events.  Since our XC races are held out in the country, there are usually little to no spectators.  However, last weekend was a big difference!  The Maverick Classic Criterium was awesome!

They put on a big production which made me really excited!  One thing that was unique about the Criterium was that the Announcers had a big speaker system to play music and to call out the names of the riders that crossed the finish line-that was rad!  The race volunteers put a lot of hard work into closing down all the roads and baricading the entire course. That was another thing that made the Criterium special.  The most unique part of the Criterium was racing in downtown Grand Junction which was filled with sidewalk cafes, art stores and a brewery.  The spectators cheered me on lap after lap, that made proud to be a racer!

The Maverick Classic Criterium was a great ending to our 3 weeks of road bike training and racing.  I’m really excited to get back to MTB racing and to see if it helped me improve. Our future race events, the Sea Otter Classic, Whisky Off Road and the USA Cycling National Championships will reveal if our road training has payed off!


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