Nye’s Blog- Lessons for a Beginner Road Racer

Recently, were given 2 old road bikes and we’ve only been on about a dozen road bike training rides since. We just went to our first road bike race the Trifecta Omniium in Las Cruces, NM.  I would like to tell you how different I think road biking is.

When I train for road racing I have found that I need fast/speed gearing and consistant, fast cadence to complete these long races. Road racing is done at high speeds and I am learning to train my muscles to be in big gears. I need to learn to pedal at a fast, consistant cadence and teach my muscles to spin those big gears. Being able to push a fast, consistant cadence and those big gears will build my fitness for the races in the future that I know will be up to 6-7 hours long. I learned that staying with a Peleton and drafting is important because I got dropped early in this road race and I was in the wind all day by myself. Now I know that staying with a pelaton is important because it cuts back on wind resistance and the work I have to do. Yackle Brothers Racing is going to the Maverick Classic Omnium in Grand Junction, CO in 2 weeks and I will use the knowledge that I learned from the Trifecta Omnium and I’m sure I will do much better there.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!


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