Jake’s Blog-Behind the Scene-the Trifecta Omnium

I just returned from my first road race, the Trifecta Omnium in Las Cruces, NM.  I thought it would be fun to give you a glipse, behind the scenes as we go to our race events.  Each time we go to a race event we start by making a list of food and gear that we will need.  Followed by packing our camping and racing gear in our VW Wagon, Yakima cargo boxes, and our bikes on our Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer.  For this Race, we left Friday morning and had to wake up at 4:00AM to make the 8 hr. drive.  At Noon we reached our destination and set up our camp at the Percha Dam State Park.  To get to our 3 races each morning we still had to make an hour drive Saturday and Sunday.  After finishing our tent camp set up, we set out for some fun!  First, Nye and I had great time exploring the Percha Dam.  We came upon a spooky irrigation tunnel and climbed inside, it felt like I was in a scary movie, it was awesome!  The Park also had hiking trail and we hiked along the Rio Grande River. We did our training ride and then went to the playground. It was enjoyable too!  Our Races were great and we had so much fun at our Campground, but I have to admit packing up isn’t much fun.  Especially, because we had an 8 hr. drive ahead of us to get back home.  I’m always excited for the next Race event/adventure!


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