Jake’s Blog – My Progression as a Racer

Won my Red Rock Desert Rampage Race in St. George, UT.  This time in the Cat 2/Cat 1 (13-15 yr olds) classification not the Cat 3 I raced the 2 previous years.  I am really pleased with how much I’ve improved and I took my first win at this Race!  I am blogging to reflect on the progression in my racing abilities from my first race at Red Rock Desert Rampage at age 9 to my third race at age 11.  This blog will show just a small bit of how much I’ve improved over the last 2 years.  Racing at age 9, I completed the course in 1:18 minutes, now I’m 11 and my hard training has paid off with great fitness. This time I completed the race course in 1:04 minutes!  Back then at 9, we would ride the technical Zen Trail for fun.  One part of the Trail had a such a difficult decent, with a 15% grade and embedded rocks and at the bottom is a sharp right hand corner with a gnarly drop off.  In 2010 I walked my bike on this part.  Now I am 11 and I cleaned this section and the entire Zen Trail as we rode it just after winning my tiring 14 mile XC race!  In 2010, because I was so inexperienced, I tried to go all out through the entire race but couldn’t maintain the pace.  Over the past two years I’ve learned to focus more on the mental aspects of racing by having a strategy, knowing my physical limitations and being confident.  Before, I didn’t know that food and water were so vital during a race.  Now, I know to eat and hydrate during races which helped me shave 14 minutes off of my 2010 race time.  My race results have been great and I’m going to continue on my same successful path!  I can’t wait until next year to again gauge my progress!


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