Hey Kids Stay Healthy And Maintain Your Body, It’s Vital – Nye’s Blog

imageFor kids there are many things you need to do to take care of your body.   To keep your body healthy, you need to get Exercise, Be Flexible, Eat Healthy and get enough Rest.  These are the most important things you need to do to have a healthy body.

imageTo get exercise just start off simple, take a walk in the park or ride on a local bike path.  Build up from there and make that walk in the park a run and start riding on the local trails iour community has them, but make sure it’s fun too.  Change it up, make it even more interesting by doing different things like: go to your local Recreation Center and try swimming or play some Basketball and Baseball.  Working out at the Gym is a great way to stay fit.  It works out your entire body and builds strong muscles.  It’s really fun too.

imageStaying Flexible is very important, especially if you exercise a lot or even a little, as your muscles can get tight and you might not be able to even touch your toes!  Try doing Yoga and Stretching every day before you exercise, it will help loosen those muscles and relax them, plus it feels good to be able to reach down and touch your toes without bending your knees, does it not?

imageEat Healthy to help yourself stay lightweight.  Make sure you get all of the proper nutrients your body needs.  Eat foods from the basic groups, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein and fat, try not to eat too much Ice Cream and other fattening things for dessert, only have that occasionally.  Instead have an Apple or an Orange.  You will stay way healthier if you try to eat more food with important nutrients.

imageGetting enough Rest is vital.  If you don’t sleep enough you’ll be tired and won’t be able to make it through your activities in the day, so for kids like me, try to get 9-11 hours of sleep a day.  Your growing body needs its rest, otherwise you’ll be drowsy in the afternoon.  If you’re exercising that rest becomes even more important.   If you race make sure you take time off to let the muscles rebuild.  It will help you immensely in the long run.

imageDoing these different things each help your body, when you eat healthy you lose weight and that helps you go faster.  When you’re exercising proper rest is critical.  So I’m encouraging you to take care of your body and stay healthy, get your Rest and Eat Nutritiously, your body will be glad you did!  Remember, a healthy body equals a healthy mind!

Road Crash, Road Rash….Healing the Wounds- Jake’s Blog

imageThis year’s 1st Road Race started out great, and was looking forward to sprinting against 50 (of the 82 total riders).   I knew it was inevitable somewhere, sometime I was going to have a road crash, and it just happened to be that day. This being my first road race crash I learned a few things from it: to make sure I’m in the correct position in the peloton, how the wind affected how the peloton rode which contributed to the crash and most importantly how much more serious road crashes are than MTB Crashes.

From participating in my Team Training, and riding with local racers from Reno I had big expectations of placing high in the sprint finish.  The course was 56 miles long and was really rough and full of pot holes, many people had flat tires and there were at least 5 times when there was almost a crash. One was literally 5 feet after we started the race.

In the final two kilometers I had a choice to make: 1) was to take the right side of the road and face a cross wind and probably not have enough energy to sprint.  2 ) or to be on the left side of the road and be out of the wind, but there is the chance the peloton will get pushed over and run me off the road. I chose 2 ) because I would be out of the wind and have  energy to sprint Boy Was That A Bad Idea!

 2 kilometers from the finish the peloton being greatly effected by a strong crosswind was pushed all the way over the left side of the road pinning me to the road edge which turned out to be an advantage as I was able to swerve and avoid the worst part of the crash.  200 meters before the finish a racer on the right side of the road swerved {probably because he crossed wheels, or because of a gust of wind} and took out 4 or 5 racers to his Left which happened to be right in front of me. So I swerved to the left jumping off a three foot ledge into a paved drainage ditch and crashed sliding to a stop, it felt like I was dreaming!  I came away with minor injuries, my bike was also in good shape except for torn handlebar tape.  image







Even though I have experienced many MTB crashes I don’t think they are nearly as bad road crashes.  Maybe I’m just used to crashing on Mountain Bikes, where unlike road races when crashes happen it’s because someone else made a mistake, on Mountain Bikes at least if you crash it’s because of a mistake you made.  imageAlso, in Mountain Biking you probably aren’t going to be going 20-50mph while riding or at a sprint finish, and when you crash it’s like being dragged across a giant piece of sand paper. But when Mountain Biking you are going 10-20mph and you can crash in grass, dirt, etc. I’d take that any day over a Giant Piece Of Sandpaper (aka a Road)!


I learned a great deal from this race from things like: to make sure I’m in the correct position in the peloton, to pay attention to how the wind will effect how the peloton rides, and of course how much more serious road crashes are than MTB Crashes.  But as any racer pursuing there dream would, I’ll adapt to crashing on the road, as I did Mountain Biking because it is inevitable I’ll crash again, my fault, or not, it’s going to happen.  But when it does I’ll be ready mentally, because I’m not one to dwell on negative thought, And Neither Should You!




Community Service = Yackle Brothers Racing! – Nye’s Blog

imageI have been doing Community Service since I was 8 years old, helping Nationally, and in the Cortez and Reno communities!  Yackle Brothers Racing has done many years of community service, fund raising, assisting the less fortunate, trail building and many other things. Community Service is a great thing to be a part of, it feels great to help other people and there are some great benefits.

In Cortez we fundraised over 7,000 dollars for the Livestrong Foundation and participated in the Mellow Johnny’s Classic and the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Livestrong Team, in 2011 and by doing so we, not only helped people in need, but helped Our first sponsors Osprey Packs, Full Speed Ahead, Panaracer and Canari,  be proud thimageimageey supported Us and were pleased to see us giving back to the community!  We also did a community trail work day on the Phil’s World Trail System which was how we caught the attention of Osprey Packs.  Moving to Reno NV in 2013 for more competitive races, we wanted to continue our tradition of Community involvement.

imageOur first volunteer trail work day was on Peavine Mountain with the Poedunks trail builders.  It was a blast doing our first trail day in Reno. We’ve done several trail work days in 2014, like the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway where we helped build a section of trail so they could connect a bike path from Lake Tahoe along the Truckee River to Pyramid Lake.  Building the trail was very fun and it could bring many more people to the community and encourage more people to ride in the future and help the community.   imageAlso, we went to the Renown Children’s Hospital to talk to the kids and pass out bike swag from our Sponsors.  It brightened their day!  It was a great thing to do and many people in Reno thanked us for our community service work!  We are now, working with the Reno Bike Project’s Major Taylor Program (Major Taylor was a African-American racer in 1890 who was the fastest racer in the world) which encourages and teaches (with a classimageroom based program) kids and teenagers to stay fit and ride bikes, I think other communities should hold events like this because they’re really fun and it’s good for the community. Late last year we volunteered at the Kawanis Bike Project and we helped build bike for kids and people who couldn’t afford them.

Just recently I volunteered to help stage the Varsity, JV, Sophomore and Freshman Girls categories for the NICA high school league and helped them take down the course. I enjoy helping others and made it a lot easier on the league’s staff.  I can’t wait for the next time I can volunteer locally and in the NICA High School League!image

I’m very glad we moved to Reno and got to do all of these great community service projects and events and meet all of these cool people!  All in all Reno is a great place with lots of imagecommunity service work to volunteer for!  There are many benefits from doing community service, so I’m encouraging you to do community service work and help people out and trust me they won’t be the only ones who were proud you made that choice.

Jakes Blog-Having Fun At The Fort- NorCal NICA High School League Begins


(Photos from Fun At The Fort 2014)

imageI’m really excited about this year’s first NorCal High School League Season!  Sunday is going to be a blast, I can’t wait to ride against the 90 racers in Junior Varsity Division 1 North (that is only about 1/4 of the total NorCal JV racers) so I can have a new racing experience, meet some new friends and, of course, Have Some Fun!


I’m looking forward to this trip. Saturday we will do a cool ride in Santa Cruz and check out the Soquel Demonstration Forest, Braille Loop Trail which has super fun jumps, and fast technical descents. Sunday morning we will arrive at the race in beautiful Fort Ord California, to start my first NorCal High School League MTB Race. Hopefully the rain will get the course wet and packed down, so it will be like riding a paved racetrack, and when we race it we will set course records! imageI’m really looking forward to Fort Ord course which has: quick descents, steep climbs and fast roller coaster like trails (which are the bomb). Even though I have been used to starting on the front row, it will be important for me to learn and experience starting further back in the group.  So that I can learn to pass to get to the front of the race, so I will be able attain starting position in each class I move up through all the way to ithe World Cup Races.   Before races I always seem to get anxious, but I hope this race is going to be like the NorCal State Championship where I met some new friends at the start, which helps me stay calm and confident! imageMy favorite thing about being at a race is after I finish when I’m hanging out, riding around, talking to friends, meeting some new friends and being on the podium representing our wonderful Sponsors and The Yackle Brothers Racing Team!


Being at race events and racing is really fun, but what I like most about racing is meeting cool and interesting people, hang out with and talk to like minded people, because that is what I think makes cycling fun: The People You Meet!


First Race, Oh Yea!! – Nye’s Blog

IMG_8254Our XC Bikes were extremely fun and lightweight, but this year we’re exploring Enduro racing for some new fun.  Last years first race was on a MTB bike converted to a Cyclocross bike, our Jamis Dakota D-29 Carbon hardtail bikes and this year it will be on our new Enduro Bikes.  We know our Marin Attack Trail Enduro bikes will perform great in Enduro racing but we’ll also be racing them in Cross Country to see how great they can perform there too!  We had high expectations for this years Enduro bikes in our first race of the year and they didn’t disappoint!


Our first race was the TBF MTB Classic on February 8th at Granite Bay, California.  As mentioned in my last blog, we are racing the Marin Attack Trail C-XT 9 Enduro bike this year and we tested it for the first time in a XC Race.  I was ready to see how our new bikes were going to perform on Cross Country courses.  I was expecting the Attack Trail Enduro bikes to ride as well as a XC bike and not let the extra weight slow us down and which was the case.  imageI like the fact that I can compensate for the weight and gain more power and fitness from this!  On our training rides so far the Attack Trail C-XT9 climbed like a Cross Country bike and descended like a Full Suspension, but that was the real test!  That was the first time that we have ever ridden on a full suspension bike and I’m loving riding down the trails and feeling like I’m flying through the air. I’m a lot more free to bomb down the trails and jump off ledges and other things now too.

imageOur 2015 Sponsors products are working to our highest expectations.  Their products are working great on our new Full Suspension Enduro bikes (I want to ride on the trails all the time they’re so fun).  imageWe also raced Marin’s Stelvio Elite Road Bike in our 2nd race of the year!  The Folsom Winter Classic was my first Cat 4 Peleton finish and I was in the front of the group the whole race because I have worked so hard on my fitness. Also, thanks to my sponsors products working so well!  Unfortunately there was a last lap crash that I had to slow down for, I was disappointed because I was very excited to see what I was able pull off in the final sprint!  I’m very excited to ride and promote Full Speed Aheads new Vision Carbon Road and SLK MTB wheelsets on all of our adventure rides and races.

image2015 is going to be a very exciting year, racing Enduro, Road and Mountain Bikes.  We have many expectations for the performance of the Attack Trail C-XT 9 Enduro Bikes on XC Courses, but I think they will fill all of them and much more in our races to come!

Jake’s Blog- The Building Blocks Of Success

imageOver my 8 years of racing I’ve seen many people on the side of the trail trying to fix flats, broken chains and all sorts of other stuff. One of the skills my Coach/Trainer/Dad taught me early on was “Bike Preservation”. Paying attention to my tires, derallieur, and other components to avoid damage, and to ride within my limits.  Another skill I was taught was how to fix my bike by myself so when I am in a race I could always make it to the finish line.  Since my Dad taught me when I was young to preserve my bike, I have never had a DNF in my 8 years of racing. Learning these skills is important because they will make a huge difference throughout the long run in your race results.

imageBuilding out bikes is really fun, it’s like putting together a puzzle, getting all of the components precisely placed so that everything works in perfect harmony.  After a few years of watching, helping and learning from our Dad  as he fixed and maintained our bikes, Nye and I, at 8 and 11 years old learned how to build out our first bikes, our Jamis Dakota D 29’s. We began with just the frame and started building. I started with the fork, which was pretty easy. The handlebars were easy too, but the wheels were really fun learning to tape the rim and to make the wheels tubeless. Though we couldn’t have done it without our Dad who had years more experience than us and knew quite a bit about bikes, as he had ridden in southern Utah and Colorado since 1990.

Aside from it just being fun, it is very helpful learning about building bikes because during a race you can be confident that if you have a mechanical you will have the knowledge to fix your bike and make it to the finish line avoiding the dreaded “walk of shame“.  This saves you and your bike!  Even though learimagening to maintain a bike is great. Another great skill is to learning “Bike Preservation“.  To learn how to preserve my bike my Dad taught me to be attentive to where I put my tires, like not to bomb down the trail without paying attention and run over a sharp rock or root.  In just a split second of inattention  you could have hours of work to repair your bike.  Which can cost you a first place finish, or podium, not to mention the money you could spend to repair or replace it!  That is why it is so important to preserve your bike and know how to fix it                                                                                                                                                                   too!

imageSince I started riding and racing I have learned a lot about my bike, like how to build out a bike, how to maintain a fork and most importantly how to fix my bike during a ride or race.  Learning about your bike and how to fix and maintain it is important to learn because if all you know is how to ride a bike you won’t be able to finish every race with Both Wheels On The Ground!

Training Camp, Adventure Camp-Jake’s Blog

IMG_8070Our Winter 2015 Team training camp was an awesome way to officially start the 2015 season. Our first ever trip to Death Valley made the training awesome, I really enjoyed it more because even though we were training, riding in Death Valley made it more of an adventure.


Even though the name of the park is Death Valley, it is really, full of Life and Adventure.


Our first ride was one of the best. We rode for the first time our new Marin Stelvio Elite Road Bikes. The Artists Loop was a beautiful ride with a very unique geographical phenomenon, the Artists Pallet.  With numerous colors like green, orange, pink, beige and grey.IMG_8178 It was so cool! The best part though was having a one way road to enjoy a peaceful ride.





Two days later we rode to Badwater, the lowest place in North America at 282ft below sea level. It was cool because Badwater salt flat was perfectly flat, but right across the road was a sheer cliff, and 282 feet above us on the side of the Clif was a sign that said elevation SEA LEVEL!








Our next ride was Dantes View, the climb was awesome because for the last 4 miles the road wound up a canyon, until the last 1/4 mile where the road changed into a 15 percent grade climb, which I thought was super fun because I love a challenge!IMG_8214

It was Awesome, but my favorite Ride/Adventure had to be Titus Canyon.

The first three miles of the Titus Canyon ride was a gravel road, but things started getting interesting once we entered the canyon!IMG_8251  The Titus Canyon Road (one way motorized traffic) was an awesome adventure.  While riding up to the canyon you could never guess that there was a canyon, until you get within a 1/4 mile of it. There you could see the mouth of the canyon which was maybe 40ft wide.  The first 1.5 miles were the best, the park named it the narrows, and you can see why. The average width was probably 25ft with sheer 500ft cliff walls on each side ( hence the one way traffic ) and it was so fun. Especially coming down as we were catching and passing all the Jeeps and SUV’s ahead of us, it was a blast!  As we rode up cars passed us going down, as we went up, they shouted encouragements like, “Your doing awesome”, and  “You guys are amazing, that looks hard”!  People cheered for us when we rode past through the whole ride. IMG_8252Halfway up the canyon we saw some Indian petroglyphs of Big Horn Sheep and other carvings.







Another three miles was an abandoned mine shaft, which was cool to check out and look at. There was also a tailings pile which was exciting to ride down becease of the steepness and scree!IMG_8254  After that we rode past an abandoned mining camp, ghost town which we passed by because the highest point of our ride was getting near.  The highest point on our ride was Red Pass at around 5,5000ft high.  With a 5,5000ft decent you can imagine we were flying down the road.  It was perfect for our new Marin Attack Trail C-XT9 Enduro Mountain Bike!  It took us 3:30 to climb time Titus Canyon and we descended it in 1:00. That was awesome!


In the short amount of time we were off our bikes we continued our awesome adventure. On our very first day in Death Valley we had just walked out of the visitor center and saw a Coyote taking a stroll through the parking lot, apparently he forgot where he parked his car!!! The next morning just after we ate breakfast the morning maid service (aka Blackbirds) came to clean up our camp of crumbs we dropped, they came each morning at 8:15 to clean up our camp.  One morning Dad was cooking eggs and accidentally spilled the eggs and later when we came back from our early morning run they were gone!IMG_8227  They acted like they hadn’t eaten in months, even though they came through everyone’s camp, scavenged and ate food each morning!

At night we heard numerous Coyotes  howlin’ at the Moon, one night one was only 20 -30ft away from our tent, Nye was so tired he didn’t even here it, amazingly! It was amazing how many Coyotes there were, on one ride we saw some walking down the side of the road only about 5ft away from us!IMG_8238  When we were leaving we stopped at Scotty’s Castle, a Mansion at the north end of the park we saw two more Coyotes beggin’ or more likely stealin’ someone lunch! It just goes to prove that Death Valley is REALLY full if life!


If you or your family is going on a vacation or looking for a place to ride or train don’t go somewhere you’ve been before, go somewhere where you can find an adventure, you won’t regret It!